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Hussmann Corp. Launches Proto-Aire EZ Refrigeration Solution

Hussmann Proto-Aire EZ

St. Louis, Missouri-based Hussmann Corp. has launched its Proto-Aire EZ refrigeration solution. The next generation Proto-Aire extends the solution to meet the growing demand in the marketplace.

The new system is an option for grocery applications and primarily designed for the convenience store market. It provides a simplistic, easy to install and service solution geared toward smaller-format store owners.Hussmann logo

“At Hussmann we are constantly engaging our customers and developing solutions that solve issues while adding value,” said VP of Systems Lianne Tombol. “Working with our partners up front directly aligns with our promise to continuously provide the most customer-focused solutions in the food retailing industry.”

A Proto-Aire EZ single unit can handle all refrigeration needs for a small format customer instead of installing multiple, single condensing units throughout the facility. With only a single unit, installation time can be reduced, and customers can avoid the cost of creating several line sets and roof penetrations that are needed when using multiple condensing units. On the service side, the overall unit design is open and easily accessible, making checkups and fixes quick and easy.

Proto-Aire EZ also has the ability to provide all the refrigeration for a store through its design. This design provides redundant refrigeration so if one compressor goes down, there is enough refrigeration capacity remaining until a service technician is able to repair or replace the compressor.

Tombol indicates that this unit fills a gap for store owners who are debating which type of system might work best for their business.

“We designed the Proto-Aire EZ to fill the gap for our customers,” she said. “This state-of-the-art solution looks similar to a large condensing unit with all of the benefits of a parallel rack system.” 

The Proto-Aire EZ is designed with energy efficiency in mind, as the solution may use up to 25 percent less energy. This makes the total cost of ownership of the Proto-Aire EZ significantly less than using conventional condensing units.

Hussmann Corp. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Panasonic.

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