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New Condiment Called MustKetch Rolling Out In Chicagoland

Chicago-based Somers Family Specialties LLC has entered into a partnership with Norman Distribution to place Somers Family MustKetch on grocery and other retail shelves across Chicagoland.

MustKetch is a new condiment category combining a proprietary mustard and ketchup recipe—along with an array of spices and natural flavors—to create three flavors—Original, Zesty and Smoke. Various combinations of spices, seeds and other ingredients have been added to the Somers family’s original mustard and ketchup concept to create the flavors.

MustKetch was created by Todd Somers, a sports fan and former Northwestern University quarterback. He and his wife, Ann, started experimenting in their kitchen in Trout Valley, Illinois, blending mustard and ketchup in various proportions. Todd and his brother, Scott, an entrepreneur in Los Angeles, crafted the initial plan to launch the trio of Somers Family MustKetch flavors to the Chicago market and beyond, and Executive Chef Charlie Baggs perfected the line of condiments.

“In a city that loves bold food choices, MustKetch is an innovative addition to our family of brands,” says Patrick Meyn, director of procurement and vendor management at Norman Distribution Inc. “Eye-catching packaging, a clean label and the Somers Family’s proactive efforts to help us merchandise the brand will make MustKetch a home run with Chicago-area consumers. It’s not often a brand gets it right the first time, but the Somers Family did.”

MustKetch is on trend with U.S. consumers, especially Millennials who are seeking exotic and diverse flavors, as well as healthy, gluten-free, organic and non-GMO foods. It’s made in the U.S. with no preservatives, high-fructose corn syrup, genetically modified food ingredients or artificial flavors or colors. The condiment is also gluten- and cholesterol-free, with 35 calories per two-tablespoon serving.

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