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7-Eleven Stores Introduce Sports Drink 7-Select Replenish

7-Eleven Replenish

7-Eleven, the Irving, Texas-based convenience retailer, is selling 7-Select Replenish, an isotonic sports drink that contains no artificial sweeteners or high-fructose corn syrup.

Available exclusively at 7-Eleven stores, 7-Select Replenish comes in four flavors: Lemonade, Orange Mango, Cucumber Mint and Guava Splash. While the everyday suggested retail price is $1.99, customers can take advantage of a limited-time buy one-get one free offer.

Sweetened with stevia and real sugar, the private brand electrolyte hydration beverage also contains 100 percent of the daily values of vitamins A, E, niacin (B3), B5 and pantothenic acid (B6) per 12-oz. serving. 7-Select Replenish has 15g of sugar and 60 calories per serving or 150 calories per 28-oz. bottle.

Isotonic drinks may help to replace electrolytes and minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium lost during exercise or strenuous activity. 7-Select Replenish contains all four.

“As with all 7-Eleven private brand products, we wanted to make sure our new sport drink would stand out in quality, taste, uniqueness and value,” said 7-Eleven president and CEO Joe DePinto. “We benchmarked against the best and added differentiated attributes that we know our customers are seeking.”

7-Eleven has been building its private brand beverage lineup. Just a few weeks ago, stores added Quake performance energy drinks to their vaults, and the private brand beverage has already acquired a loyal following. Available in four flavors, Quake energy drinks combine energy, sports and performance drinks into one.

Its award-winning 7-Select GO!Smart line of organic cold-pressed juices includes both single-ingredient fruit juices and fruit and vegetable blends. Within months of launching, sales of several varieties landed in the top 10 of juices sold in 20-oz or smaller juice category.

In a Mintel study, nearly half of millennial-aged consumers believe that store brands are more innovative than name-brand products and include more private brand items in their shopping cart than previous generations. Private brands make up almost a third of the products in millennials’ shopping baskets, according to another study on the growth of private brands. They are looking for value and expect the quality to be as good or better than national brand counterparts.

While 7-Eleven had previously carried private brand nonfood items, the convenience retailer began ramping up its lineup in early in 2008 when it launched 32 packaged snacks under the 7-Select brand. The first 7-Select-brand food items included cookies, candy, nuts, potato chips, beef jerky and trail mix. The exclusive-to-7-Eleven brand had first appeared on paper goods, batteries and stationery supplies in 2004. 

Sales climbed steadily, and many 7-Select items began outselling competing name-brand products. While rolling out one wave of new 7-Select products, the company is continually testing more items in select stores around the country. Today, participating stores carry hundreds of private-brand products.

“7-Eleven is one of the leading beverage retailers for a reason,” said Tim Cogil, 7-Eleven senior director of private brands. “We listen to our customers, stay ahead of the latest trends and offer refreshing drinks you can’t find anywhere else. 7-Select Replenish has received great reviews and is an effective thirst-quencher whether recovering from a tough workout or just needing to cool down on a hot summer day … or any day.”

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