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Prosper Meats Offers Certified Organic, Grass-Fed Colorado Beef

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Prosper Meats, a provider of certified organic, grass-fed Colorado beef, supplies products from a family-owned ranch that offers premium beef shipped directly to its customers in Colorado and across the nation. The company offers natural cuts with no antibiotics or growth hormones.

Founder Mike Visser began experimenting with his organic farm in 2013, and in recent years decided to let cattle roam and graze on the plains in eastern Colorado. Visser said his need to maintain a certified organic ranch started from his own distrust of reportedly grass-fed beef companies that import cattle from overseas.

“I don’t trust other people’s meat,” said Visser. “I bought a grass-fed, local animal from a local rancher and later found out he finished it [the cow] on corn. So it wasn’t grass-fed. They only put him on corn the last 90 days.”

At Prosper Meats, Visser assures that his certified organic, grass-fed cows are raised from birth on his land and only consume certified organic grass from his local farmland.

“Honesty is everything,” Visser said. “I want to make sure our customers get exactly what they thought they were getting when they buy our beef. We follow the rules. We make sure we do everything right.”

The company said its 100 percent certified organic grass is fed to certified organic, grass-fed cattle after being harvested from land that has not been sprayed by harsh pesticides, weed killers or chemicals for three years. The fencing at the ranch is chemical-free. No chemical rubs are used on the cattle and the fencing is made with 100 percent untreated, solid natural wood. 

With acres of land for cattle to roam free, Prosper Meats also prevents disease by allowing space for the herds to graze comfortably and has a staff dedicated to making sure each cow is happy and healthy, starting the day it’s born.

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