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Recommended: Oberlin Residents Hold Thank You Walk For IGA Workers

IGA, Oberlin
Annette Levine holds a sign in support of Oberlin IGA workers on Apr. 20.

OBERLIN, OHIO — Residents of Oberlin’s King Street social distanced and walked to IGA to show their appreciation for the grocery stores workers continuing to show up and providing food opportunities for the community Monday afternoon.

IGA, Leo Braido
Leo Braido

King Street resident Dinah Volk brought the idea up to her neighbors a week ago when they were all outside making noise for health care workers.

“It just occurred to me that we so depended on IGA and that they do such a wonderful job,” Volk said. “It was suggested and people joined in.”

Volk said IGA provides a really safe environment, has weekly bulletins about deliveries and food items availability.

IGA owner Leo Braido said his customers are a blessing and that the store couldn’t do what it does without them.

“I moved here five years ago to make a living and make a difference,” he said. “We work hard everyday and I’m blessed to have a great crew and we’re humbled and very thankful.”

Volk said it was really a group effort, as someone said they had masks and another person said they had cardboard for signs.

In response to the community members standing outside the store with signs, IGA worker Peggy Rucker said it was appreciated…

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