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Revol Greens Expands Minnesota Greenhouse To 10 Acres

Revol Greens

Minnesota-based Revol Greens has completed its greenhouse expansion, quadrupling its year-round growing capacity. Expanding from two to 10 acres, Revol Greens is now the largest greenhouse in the United States dedicated to baby leaf lettuce. With this enlarged capacity, the company plans to launch additional products over the coming months.

“At the core of our newly expanded greenhouse is a highly-automated growing and harvesting environment, designed to keep our customers safe while eliminating supply chain constraints for our retail and foodservice customer,” said Mark Schulze, CEO of Revol Greens. “We’re grateful we’re able to provide even more fresh, nutritious and versatile greens to our local Midwest community, as many people are eating at home during this time.”

Highlights of the expansion include:

  •  Four times current production, expanding total volume to more than 4 million pounds annually;
  •  Growing new varieties of greens and expanding current product lines;
  •  Broader market reach, expanding distribution footprint;
  •  10 million gallons of rain and snowmelt captured and UV sterilized from the expanded greenhouse roof;
  •  Saving more than 500 truckloads and 1 million food miles from the West Coast annually; and
  •  Eliminate food waste by delivering five days fresher than product shipped from the West Coast.

With 90 percent of greens and packaged salads originating from the West Coast, Revol Greens merges natural growing with modern hybrid hydroponic technology to provide optimal growing conditions 365 days a year in Minnesota. The greenhouse lettuce farm harvests and delivers its produce within one day, resulting in the freshest taste and peak nutrition, with a shelf life four to six days longer than out-of-state greens.

Applying advanced growing methods and greenhouse technology, Revol Greens ​uses 90 percent less water than traditional field-grown greens. ​With sustainability at its core, Revol Greens also stores and UV sterilizes ​recycled rainwater and snowmelt from its greenhouse roof for irrigation water. Further, the glass greenhouse provides sunlight needed for greens to grow; supplemented only when necessary with highly efficient LED lighting. ​

Grown in an animal and pest-free environment, ​no pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals are used in the process.

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