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Dole, Pixar Take Fear Out Of Exotic Fruits, Veggies

Dole Monsters
Dole presents the Mike Wazowski Fruit Stack.

Charlotte, North Carolina-based Dole Food Co. has released a new set of recipes, recipe videos, social media interactives and digital downloads as part of its summer-long celebration of unfamiliar fruits and vegetables inspired by Pixar’s Monsters Inc. and Monsters University.

Encouraged by the early response to its healthy-living initiative, which is part of Dole’s 2020 tribute to Pixar Animation Studios and a multiyear nutritional collaboration with The Walt Disney Co., the produce company is adding more tangible ways to make eating brussels sprouts, dragon fruit and even cauliflower a bit less scary and a lot more fun for kids and their parents.

“As a mom of three, I can confirm that there are two types of fruits and vegetables in our house: friendly and scary,” said Rachel Young, Dole’s manager of digital marketing and communications. “However, since many of the fruits and veggies considered frightening are only because of their names or the way they look on the outside, I’ve found that fun recipes and interactive activities can go a long way toward changing minds and creating new favorites.”

Dole Monsters
Sully Banana Dip

Now available at dole.com/Disney are four new downloadable family activities themed to the Pixar films and characters including a scary-fun take on the classic flip game that asks kids to match Mike, Sulley, Roz and Randall with commonly misunderstood fruits and vegetables. Kids can dress like the Lettuce Cyclops or Pineapple Monster, or turn their kitchen produce into countertop creatures with downloadable monster eyes, horns and mouths, created by Dole.

A highlight of the expanded offerings are five new “Monsters in the Kitchen” recipes inspired by famous Monstropolis residents and created by Melanie Marcus, MA, RD, Dole’s health and nutrition communications manager. They join five other Monsters Inc.-inspired dishes released earlier this month and available for download at dole.com/Disney.

  • Monstropolis Waffles: Mornings will never be the same with these scary-good monster versions of the breakfast classic made with Dole green plantains, kiwi and blueberries.
  • Oodles of Monster Swoodles: Dole sweet potatoes or broccoli stems are way more fun when they are spiralized and mixed with garlic, olive oil and cherry tomatoes for a little shock value.
  • Little Boo Brussels Sprouts Bites: Even Boo wouldn’t fear this simple side dish of air-fried Dole brussels sprouts dipped in a mixture of non-fat Greek yogurt, garlic, olive oil and lemon.
  • Mike Wazowski Fruit Stack: Everyone’s favorite Monsters Inc., employee comes alive on the plate thanks to Dole kiwi and pineapple slices arranged with horned and honey dew melon. Dragon fruit and a dried blueberry become Mike’s eye.
  • Sulley Banana Dip: Dole green apples and red and green grapes are dipped in a blend of Dole bananas, natural peanut butter, maple syrup, vanilla extract, dried berries and natural teal gel food coloring to give it that unmistakable Sulley hue.

To encourage families to prepare the recipes together, Dole has produced how-to videos for the Oodles of Monster Swoodles, Mike Wazowski Fruit Stack and Sulley Banana Dip. These will be posted throughout the summer on Dole’s social pages including its DoleTube page.

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