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Newest Line Of Table One Cheeses Coming This Fall

Table One cheeses

With 75 years of experience in importing the finest specialty cheeses and gourmet groceries, Elizabeth, New Jersey-based Atalanta is offering its newest line of Table One cheeses, including Feta, Blue Cheese, Italian Parmesan, Gouda and more.

“We are excited to bring the Table One line to retailers and specialty stores across the country,” said Scott Fegler, Atalanta’s director of business and commercial development. “The brand offers a range of quality products – whether imported or domestic – to fit within any budget.”

Table One cheeses are crafted with the highest quality milk and traditional methods. The assortment includes: imported feta crafted using 100 percent sheep’s milk; blue cheese made in a Danish creamery with the freshest cow’s milk; Swiss originating from one of the largest sustainable and independently owned dairies in Germany; and French style Brie made in small batches in Canada.

Table One’s other creations include a Goat Feta Blend, Italian Parmesan, Red Wax and Smoked Goudas, Fontina, Edam, Gruyere and German Swiss. They will be available in pre-cut packs and cups, perfect for any application. Table One will be available by Sept. 1.

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