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Albertsons Cos., FishWise Dive Into National Seafood Month

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Albertsons Cos. and FishWise are honoring National Seafood Month this October by collaborating on a project focused on improving seafood traceability.

Today, traceability is key to adapt and rebuild global seafood supply chains that have been altered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Every year, as part of Albertons’ Responsible Seafood Program, the company works with Santa Cruz, California-based FishWise to review the best practices of vendor partners to strengthen traceability and decrease environmental impacts. Albertsons

This year, Albertsons Cos. focused on a domestic waterfront Bistro wild-caught shrimp product from Paul Piazza and Son Inc., a family-owned and -run business based in Louisiana. The teams conducted a comprehensive review of all available supply chain documentation to fully trace the wild-caught shrimp from the ocean floor to a local Albertsons Cos. store.

The assessment verifies claims that this product is sourced from a high-performing Fishery Improvement Project, is legally harvested and undergoes robust traceability and data collection practices.

And while shrimp has been America’s top consumed seafood for years, some imported shrimp have raised concerns due to the potential impacts on the environment as well as social welfare.

To better understand Paul Piazza and Son’s practices, Albertsons Cos. Director of Seafood Anthony Snow spent a day shrimp fishing with the company and visited their processing facility.

“What makes this shrimp special is that it comes from Gulf of Mexico fisheries that are involved in Fishery Improvement Projects that are actively advancing the sustainability and traceability of shrimp sourced from the Gulf,” Snow said. “Our customers can feel good about choosing a domestic shrimp that is good for the planet and for local fishers, too.”

In addition, recommendations from Albertsons’ traceability outline the strengths and challenges found in suppliers’ operations and provide actionable steps they can take to help mitigate potential traceability risks.

“Engaging in these projects brings additional transparency to our seafood supply chain and helps us to identify where we can continue to make improvements,” said Kristen Baumer, president of Paul Piazza and Son Inc. and great-grandson of Paul Piazza.

As seafood lovers celebrate National Seafood Month this October and continue to prepare meals at home, Albertsons invites shoppers to include responsibly harvested shrimp in their next dish.

Waterfront Bistro Wild Gulf Shrimp can be found in the frozen section in three different sizes at Albertsons Companies stores, including Albertsons, Safeway, Vons, Pavilions, United, ACME Markets, Shaw’s and Star Market. All of Albertsons Cos.’ waterfront Bistro and Open Nature seafood meets the company’s Responsible Seafood Policy.

Customers also can find Albertsons Cos.’ Responsible Choice logo on their waterfront Bistro and Open Nature seafood products, marking that it was caught or farmed in ways that safeguard future supplies and help keep ecosystems thriving.

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