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Mars Wrigley U.S. Unveils New Products And Category Insights


Mars Wrigley U.S. has released a new lineup of products from some of America’s favorite brands including Skittles, M&M’s and Orbit. These products will join the Newark, New Jersey-based company’s portfolio of chocolate, fruity confections and gum brands. Mars Wrigley unveiled these items, along with the latest insights and anticipated future trends for treats and snacks. Together, these new insights and innovative products are poised to drive growth for the category as the industry continues to adapt to the changing retail environment due to COVID-19.

“Though the ways in which people interact with treats and snacks have fundamentally changed due to the pandemic, we know people are still looking to enjoy our products during moments that matter,” said Shaf Lalani, VP of strategic demand leadership at Mars Wrigley U.S. “So, we’re doubling down providing data-driven consumer insights and concrete recommendations to help retailers reprioritize and redesign their in-store and online shopping experience to meet consumers on their shopping journey faster than ever before.”

The treats and snacks industry, along with many others, needed to quickly adapt at the beginning 2020 as people evolved their shopping habits. More consumers than ever started shopping online and began stocking up on more products than usual, including gum and confections. Retailers have been faced with a myriad of challenges. The top priority focused on keeping consumers safe in stores, while also making the shopping experience as seamless as possible through channels of choice – whether online ordering, delivery and curbside pick-up. Quickly executing consumer research to better understand the new needs of shoppers this year was a top priority for Mars Wrigley as it partnered with retailers on developing clear strategies for growth.

Mars Wrigley’s research uncovered critical consumer insights the company quickly began leveraging with retailers to create new, improved shopping experiences. With shoppers migrating to digital shopping platforms, Mars Wrigley found that there are specific days and times when people are more receptive to receiving relevant messages for certain products, including confectionery. Additionally, research found consumers are continuing to use confectionery for celebrations but they’re also purchasing their favorite products on road trips and to treat themselves at home as a way of comfort and escapism.

Armed with these insights, Mars Wrigley re-shaped campaigns and developed new programs for retailers. Mars Wrigley re-imagined Halloween, the biggest confectionery holiday of the year, and launched Treat Townan app-based digital experience and seasonal portfolio mix for families to virtually trick or treat for their beloved brands. The company shared the launch of its Never Stop Summering program for 2021, through which Mars Wrigley is tapping into other at-home and on-the-go activities during the summer season. This new program will offer retailers one cohesive portfolio summer program to drive consumer engagement and awareness with the category during the critical summer selling season.

Mars Wrigley is introducing new innovations across its brand portfolio.

“Treating and snacking has changed dramatically and even more so over the last six months. Not only are we continuing to see people looking for wider variety in regard to flavors and textures, but we also know they are gravitating toward familiar brands they trust,” said Jim Dodge, VP of convenience at Mars Wrigley U.S. “Mars Wrigley is laser-focused on listening and responding to our consumers, and this shift in behavior has driven us to evolve our approach and introduce new products, like new Skittles Gummies. We know that convenience shoppers can’t get enough of our gummies – from LifeSavers to Starburst – and we’re excited to bring them a new experience with Skittles.”

The following are new and recently introduced Mars Wrigley innovations: 
• Combos Cheddar Cheese Bacon;
• Dove Truffle Gift Tubes;
• Extra Refreshers Peppermint;
• Extra Rockin’ Raspberry Lime;
• M&M’s Chocolate Popcorn;
• M&M’s Mix;
• M&M’s Sugar Cookie;
• Orbit Mega Packs;
• Respawn by 5;
• Skittles Gummies;
• Skittles Smoothies;
• Snickers Peanut Brownie; and
• Zombie Skittles.

For more details on the latest news and announcement from Mars Wrigley, visit mars.com/made-by-mars/mars-wrigley

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