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Wonderful Halos Kicks Off Season With New Marketing Campaign

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Los Angeles-based Wonderful Halos welcomes its 2020 crop season with a new integrated marketing campaign that draws upon Halos’ consistent quality and sweet taste. The brand’s marketing plans include a regionally geo-targeted social media campaign, new point-of-sale (POS) bin bases and a robust PR program.

Driven by extensive consumer taste research, the new campaign is based on the insight that mandarin buyers value sweetness when consuming the vitamin C-packed fruit. Each shipment of Wonderful Halos has the sweet taste consumers know and love, so the tongue-in-cheek social media campaign features cute and cuddly animals that are sweet, but not as sweet as Halos – the world’s sweetest mandarins. New POS bin base displays touting Halos’ sweetness will bring the story to life in store.

“Ninety percent of consumers say Halos mandarins are high in quality,” said Adam Cooper, VP of marketing for The Wonderful Co. “The targeted, multifaceted campaign taps into the notion that Halos mandarins are a healthy, sweet snack both parents and kids love and trust to consistently deliver upon its sweet, seedless and easy-to-peel brand virtues.”

With the increasing trend of consumers buying groceries online, the campaign also includes a focus on e-commerce. Online, Wonderful Halos outsell generic mandarin offerings by double digits, highlighting the importance of having well-known, trusted brands available on grocery pickup and delivery e-commerce sites. While grocery shopping online, consumers are not able to interact with items like they would in store and instead must rely on product images and their perceptions of the brand. To drive online mandarin sales, retailers need Wonderful Halos mandarins, as each palm-sized piece of fruit delivers consistent quality and sweetness.

Halos also will continue its “Grove of Goodness” POS display program, now in its fourth year, highlighting the fun and eye-catching Halos Grove Tree and Fruit Stand displays that drive velocities 18 percent faster than product featured without a display. Retail partners will be able to tap the brand’s team of more than 200 merchandisers – the largest in produce – to help strategize POS placement in stores again this season. The California Halos season runs November through May.

To further build upon its fun-loving, family-friendly brand, Wonderful Halos will feature a new collection of colorful stickers to make healthy eating fun. The stickers will include the recognizable Halos mascot with trendy, shareable sayings about how one might feel after enjoying Halos mandarins as a way to surprise consumers and encourage fans to collect each one.

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