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New Grocery Digital Media Uses Benches At Supermarket Storefront

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The digital revolution in retail has now arrived at the supermarket storefront. California-based Clean Planet Solutions and Vu Digital Media have announced the launch of new High-Bright HD Video Advertising Benches – an innovative advertising technology that for the first time empowers grocers and brands to broadcast their full video commercials or spot ads – in high-def with array sound – just as shoppers are walking in the store doors.

“The platform communicates and connects to arriving customers at the perfect time and place – right when shoppers are about to make buying decisions,” said Matt Callinan, partner at Vu Digital Media. “This is high-impact advertising at grocery entrances delivered with an attention-grabbing force that’s never been offered before. Shoppers have never seen anything like them.”

HD Video Advertising Benches give grocers a profitable new asset – their own mini-digital billboards. Retailers can utilize the platform to flexibly promote daily deli and bakery specials while also monetizing their unused sidewalk space to generate greener co-op revenues with CPG advertising in sight, sound and motion.

“Static marketing tactics like inserts and banners create tons of paper and plastic trash… only to get lost in all the clutter,” said Patrick Welsh, principal of Clean Planet Solutions. “Video Ad Benches are a stand-out digital solution that capture and communicate to every shopper walking in the doors – without generating waste that clogs landfills.”

Welsh says best of all, the units are provided to all grocery stores at no capital cost.

With technology playing an increasingly critical role in the shopping experience, HD Video Ad Benches provide retailers with a cutting-edge communications resource. “Grocers must find new and creative ways to drive conversions, increase basket size and impulse spends, and maximize revenue from every inch of the store footprint,” said Joseph Welsh, of Joseph Welsh Consulting. “This technology offers a final chance to influence a purchase  while earning the supermarket more money and creating storefront energy.”

Clean Planet Solutions provides companies with the latest clean technologies to help them grow their businesses while consciously reducing their impact on the environment.

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