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Refrigerated Pickles Pioneer Claussen Celebrates 150 Years

The Claussen Family

Claussen, a maker of refrigerated pickles, celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2020. To commemorate the milestone anniversary, Claussen is looking back at some of the “best and briniest” facts from the brand’s history:

  • In Chicago, Illinois, a vegetable farmer named Claus F. Claussen from Germany had a truckload of cucumbers he couldn’t sell. Rather than waste the vegetables, he turned them into pickles, the first batch marking the beginning of the 150-year-old company.
  • Claus’s great grandson, Ed Claussen, perfected the first refrigerated pickle in the 1960’s after nearly five years of research.
  • Oscar Mayer & Co. purchased Claussen Pickle Company, Inc. in 1970, transforming the regional refrigerated pickle company into a national brand available across America.
  • In the 70s and 80s, Claussen featured an animated “world-renowned pickle expert” in their print and television commercials – Dr. Q. Cumbus Claussen. He wore a signature striped scarf and yellow gloves.
  • In 1994, Claussen introduced New York Deli-Style Half Sours, and they continue to mainly be available on the East Coast as a regional specialty.
  • One job duty at the Claussen plant is to taste-test the spicy brine found in Claussen’s Hot & Spicy pickles to ensure it’s spicy enough.
  • Claussen’s best-selling variety is refrigerated Kosher Dill Spears.
  • Claussen sources its cucumbers by season for ultimate freshness. Cucumbers are first harvested in Mexico in winter and as the heat, humidity and sun move north, so does harvesting.
  • Claussen cucumbers go from vine to brine in 10 days or less and are pickled under refrigeration, meaning they are never heated or pasteurized and require minimal processing.
  • Claussen is a family business where multiple generations of workers have grown cucumbers for Claussen and packed them at the Woodstock, Illinois facility. Forty percent of the workforce has at least one relative who has been, or is currently employed, by Claussen.

“It’s wonderful to ring in this milestone anniversary with our dedicated Claussen fanbase who recognize the labor of love we put into creating crunchy and flavorful refrigerated pickles,” said Kathy Duan, senior associate brand manager at Kraft Heinz. “We’re excited to celebrate 150 years of Claussen and are looking forward to the next 150 years.”

To learn more about Claussen Pickles, click here.

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