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AllCart Launches App To Help Consumers Save On Groceries

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AllCart has launched a free app that helps shoppers find the best local deals. The AllCart app is available on iTunes, Google Play and on AllCart’s website. In today’s market, American consumers committed to the best deals and spending less time in the stores due to the pandemic do not have many choices, as popular services like Instacart charge both shoppers and merchants fees. AllCart addresses all these challenges in a seamless way that benefits all parties. 

The proprietary data and algorithms powering AllCart’s 90,000 stores’ sales flyer analysis provides app users with a simple way to identify the best grocery deals. This has helped consumers to save as much as $400 a month. AllCart’s powerful search filters through more than 90 million products, 500,000 unique items, more than 1 billion estimated prices and as many as 10 million products on sale at any given time. If users consent to sharing their location, AllCart is also able to show them all supermarkets nearby – price range averages of inventory and which grocers offer the most sales. 

As the coronavirus pandemic continues and unemployment in key sectors remains high, American shoppers have also had to contend with higher prices on many common food items, including staples like meat, milk and eggs. As reported by the Bureau of Economic Analysis, from February to June 2020, meat and poultry prices rose nearly 11 percent, with beef and veal prices seeing the highest spike at 20 percent, and pork prices increased 8.5 percent. During the same time period, egg prices shot up 10 percent and cereals and fresh vegetables came in at 4 percent higher.

Online financial service marketplace, LendingTree, reported that Americans’ average weekly grocery spending rose from $163 pre-pandemic to $190, an increase of 17 percent. Thirty-one percent of the 1,052 consumers polled said they “almost always” overspend at the grocery store. Roughly 40 percent of respondents reported visiting grocery stores less often than before the pandemic, yet 53 percent said they go to multiple stores per shopping trip. 

Founded in 2020, as the COVID-19 virus spread around the world and millions of Americans lost or were furloughed from their jobs — and many began looking for ways to reduce their bills — AllCart doubled-down on its commitment to launch as soon as viable. 

AllCart founder and CEO Stash Harrison, a serial entrepreneur, financed the company’s launch to ensure a timely roll out and is now reviewing investments to grow and expand the brand this year. 

“AllCart grew out of an organic need to support consumers in saving on their grocery budgets during an uncertain period. I was preparing to launch SpotHop, a bar and restaurant startup that allows users to find deals and real-time specials, but Covid-related shutdowns interfered,” said Harrison. “Instead of shuttering the company, I explored ways to repurpose the existing technology to help those suffering from the effects of pandemic and economic issues and to retain the staff of 15. As AllCart grows, we will continue to add features to help users save and manage their grocery budgets.” 

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