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Knapp Releases Senior Management Promotions And Board Appointments

Andreas Salznig, Clemens Bauer and Jusuf Buzimkic. (Photo: Business Wire)

Knapp, a provider of intelligent intralogistics solutions, released a restructuring of its Atlanta, Georgia-based North American subsidiary board, including promotions and realignment of its senior management team. The realignment and promotions have been undertaken in response to significant market trends, major successes and growth of the subsidiary and increased importance of the business unit to the Knapp enterprise.

“Knapp is uniquely positioned in the global intralogistics market. Innovative and intelligent technologies, combined with a very strong commitment to the latest software technologies and strong market demand has resulted in a five-year, ten-fold growth of our North American business,” CEO Josef Mentzer said, citing the reasons for the leadership changes. “The only constant in today’s world is change, and in order to perform at the highest level possible on all fronts, we are taking this step to further enhance our team – adding energetic, experienced and dynamic leadership to ensure that we are well positioned for growth and success.”

Mentzer, who continues as CEO, announced that the following changes in responsibility and the managing board will be effective April:

  • Andreas Salznig, VP of the Knapp AG Healthcare business unit, has been promoted to COO of Knapps North American subsidiary and will join the board.
  • Clemens Bauer, managing director of Knapp subsidiary Demateh and board advisor at Knapp AG, has assumed the position of CFO of Knapps North American subsidiary and will join the board.
  • SVP Sales and Engineering Jusuf Buzimkic has been promoted to CSO of Knapps North American subsidiary, where his responsibilities will include sales, marketing and engineering. He will also remain on the board of Knapps North American subsidiary.

The growth importance of the North American subsidiary has been primarily driven by major account relationships and contracts with market leaders in healthcare, grocery and retail sectors.

“These major, multi-site customer relationships are the result of the company investment in a very strong team and a year-over-year commitment to innovation and R&D in key growth areas – specifically including high performance e-commerce order fulfillment solutions,” said Knapp AG EVP Heimo Robosch.

Knapp is currently expanding service operations, scaling up its North American parts inventory and enlarging its operations team to meet the increase in market demand. It will launch a training center later this year.

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