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Pompeian Inc. Expands Olive Oil And Vinegar Portfolios

Last updated on June 13th, 2024 at 03:17 pm

Pompeian Inc. is expanding its olive oil and vinegar portfolios with three innovations that will aim to eliminate confusion in the aisle and provide shoppers with a product for every unique taste preference and cooking occasion. Incremental new olive oil innovations include Pompeian Organic Smooth Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Pompeian Rich Taste Olive Oil. Pompeian is also debuting a new addition to the brand’s gourmet vinegar line, Pompeian Rosé Balsamic Vinegar.

Pompeian will introduce a fuller range of flavor experiences within the brand’s Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil line, with the addition of Smooth and Robust varietals. While the Robust variety is full-bodied in flavor and meant for salads and marinades, the new Smooth variety will have a milder taste and the equity of the brand’s highly popular Smooth Extra Virgin Olive Oil, ideal for sautéing and stir-frying.

“We are thrilled to offer our health and environmentally conscious consumers a fuller range of flavor offerings within our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil line,” said Bill Monroe, marketing innovation director for Pompeian Inc. “The initial introduction of Pompeian Smooth Extra Virgin Olive Oil in 2015 resulted in incremental sales growth to Robust Extra Virgin Olive Oil, so we knew there was a need for further innovation to meet the different taste preferences of our valued consumers.”

In addition to its organic line expansion, Pompeian also will be growing its olive oil line, with three offerings that provide a progression in flavor intensity, designed with clear cooking occasions in mind. A simple swap for unhealthy cooking fats, the refreshed line includes Light Taste Olive Oil, ideal for frying and baking; Mild Taste Olive Oil, for roasting and sautéing; and new Rich Taste Olive Oil, the first innovation in olive oil by a major brand since 1985, ideal for grilling and sauces.

The three distinct flavors will bring new olive oil buyers along the olive oil taste journey, eventually helping them move across the shelf toward the brand’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil offerings, unlocking further category growth. As part of the brand’s ongoing commitment to quality standards, Pompeian will be transitioning its olive oil line to a high-quality, green bottle to enhance product protection and preservation.

“At Pompeian, the difference is our quality, and we are always innovating toward what’s best for our consumers and retail partners,” said Monroe. “Our green bottles, which are already used for our extra virgin olive oil offerings are overwhelmingly preferred by consumers, as they preserve the oil’s quality, flavor and aroma, thanks to a UV protectant and green tint which protects the oil against light degradation.”

Innovation and leadership also extend to the brand’s gourmet vinegar line. Boasting a light, crisp, fruity taste, new Pompeian Rosé Balsamic Vinegar pairs perfectly with any of the brand’s farmer-crafted olive oils and will offer new ways to dress, drizzle and marinade.

Pompeian’s new innovation items will be hitting retailers nationwide this spring and summer. Visit pompeian.com/difference/ for more information on what differentiates Baltimore, Maryland-based Pompeian from other brands in the olive oil and vinegar aisle.

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