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Chobani Launches Campaign Showcasing Oatmilks, Creamers And More


Chobani is kicking off a new national campaign to educate consumers that it’s a food company that crafts so much more, including oatmilks, coffees and creamers, finding many new ways to nourish people and foster healthier lives.

Chobani’s fully integrated national campaign will run on broadcast television, as well as online video, paid social, organic social and shopper.

At the core of the campaign is Chobani’s founding mission to provide better food for more people. While the company started by making nutritious and accessibly priced Greek yogurt using simple, real ingredients, Chobani has since expanded its portfolio to include oatmilks, dairy- and plant-based creamers, probiotic drinks and ready-to-drink coffee. Through it all, the Norwich, New York-based company stayed true to its dedication to use food as a force for good for all Americans, in all communities.

Chobani Launches Campaign Showcasing Oatmilks, Creamers And More“Since day one, we’ve established a brand with values that stand for more than the food we make, and our new national ad campaign depicts a world where better food helps create a better future,” said Meredith Madden, SVP of marketing strategy and insights. “As we’ve expanded into new categories like oatmilk, creamers and cold brew coffee, Chobani has built a branded house that gives fans new ways to discover the food company we’ve built for 2021 and beyond.”

The debut national TV ads kick off with “Dear Alice,” an animated story showing that food – how we grow it, make it, distribute it, eat it and share it – is the most powerful path to a better future. In the coming weeks, animated stories will individually highlight Chobani’s full reach beyond Greek yogurt, including Chobani Oat, Chobani Coffee Creamer, Chobani Probiotic and Chobani Coffee.

Chobani’s in-house team led the marketing, advertising, insights, product innovation and project management work for the campaign, while working with external partners on key elements including animation, music and illustration. Horizon Media serves as its media agency of record. External partners include The Line (TV animation), Walker (music), Scholar (social animation) and illustrators Kate Dehler and M. Fatchurofi “Rofi.”

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