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Califia Farms Launches New Mushroom Oat And Hemp Barista Blends


Last updated on June 13th, 2024 at 03:15 pm

Califia Farms, a plant-based beverage company, has added two items to its line of Barista Blends: Mushroom Oat Barista Blend and Hemp Barista Blend. The new barista-tested plant milks double as creamers and offer even more variety to the morning coffee ritual. They also deliver on functional ingredients, which was named the most important quality in plant-based alternative milks and creamers by 1 in 5 coffee drinkers in new research conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Califia Farms.

The survey also revealed that consumers’ appetite for coffee experimentation has grown in the last year, with 42 percent of coffee drinkers recreating their favorite coffee drinks at home and 1 in 3 trying their hand at creating latte art during the pandemic. The new Barista Blends, which were developed with professional baristas, steam and foam without sacrificing taste or quality, and offer more ways to enjoy café-inspired coffee at home. They join Califia’s line of Barista Blend beverages, including Oat Barista Blend, Almond Barista Blend and Unsweetened Almond Barista Blend.

“Our research found that 1 in 4 coffee drinkers would rather go without coffee if their preferred milk is unavailable. The right plant-based milk is a vital part of the coffee experience,” said Suzanne Ginestro, chief marketing officer at Los Angeles, California-based Califia Farms. “Our new Mushroom Oat and Hemp Barista Blends have the creaminess and consistency that elevate the at-home coffee experience with the added benefits of functional ingredients.”

Mushroom Oat Barista Blend is the latest addition to Califia’s extensive portfolio of oat milks and creamers. With oat milk sales up 351 percent from a year ago, Califia Farms continues to add new products to its line to meet the growing consumer demand. 

Mushroom Oat Barista Blend:

• Is the only ready-to-use oat milk made with certified organic mushroom extracts; and
• Has 3,000 mg of whole Cordyceps, 2,400 mg of Lion’s Mane mushrooms and has a smooth, earthy and full-bodied flavor.

Hemp Barista Blend:

• Has a mild, nutty flavor; 
• Is an excellent source of calcium;
• Contains omega-3 ALA fatty acids; and
• Has no added sugar.

“Mushroom Oat and Hemp Barista Blends are nutritious additions to the average cup of coffee with benefits like calcium and healthy fats,” said Ashley Koff, registered dietitian and CEO of The Better Nutrition Program. “They also deliver on creamy taste and are allergen-free options that can be enjoyed on their own or in baking and cooking recipes.”

Mushroom Oat Barista Blend and Hemp Barista Blend are available at leading national retailers, including Whole Foods, and have an MSRP of $5.99. Visit the Califia Farms blog for recipes featuring Califia products.

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