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Thriving As An Independent Grocer In 2021: 5 Key Strategies To Invest In For Success

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Last updated on August 25th, 2022 at 01:27 pm

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by: ITRetail

It’s no secret that 2020 drastically changed the grocery landscape. For grocers, the past year’s challenges have been anything but ordinary; the coronavirus pandemic has caused a massive shift in the way grocers do business, as well as the way consumers shop. ITRetail logo

Due to being an essential business, grocers did not shut down like so many other industries. Instead, they were forced to adopt new strategies in order to keep their doors open, physically, virtually or both. Luckily for the independent grocer, business boomed as big-box stores ran out of inventory and the crowds flocked to smaller, more local options.

Many grocers may be eager to return to their old ways once the threat of COVID-19 passes; however, the market won’t go back to the way it was pre-pandemic. Although the pandemic stunted the growth of many businesses, it accelerated the adoption of technology trends in every industry, including the grocery space. In fact, a Panasonic study found that 100 percent of survey respondents said COVID-19 has increased the urgency to adopt transformational technologies.

In the changed grocery landscape, grocers will need to become tech-forward – if they haven’t already – to survive in 2021. With the right tools in place, grocers can not only survive 2021, but be positioned to thrive for years to come.

Let’s examine the 5 key strategies grocers need to invest in for success this year and beyond:

  1. Get Online & Modernize

In 2021, it is imperative that grocers invest in new technology and create an online presence. Doing this will not only modernize your business, but also generate additional revenue.


A whole new revenue stream awaits when you put your store online. Consumers that aren’t local to your store will be able to access your products and services, helping to expand your customer base. Perhaps you offer something their local grocer doesn’t, but they never shop at your physical location due to the distance. When your store is available online this type of issue is eliminated, and you can enjoy new business.

Going online is easier than you think. IT Retail will work to help you grow your business online in a snap. Our point of sale and software will integrate smoothly with every feature, function and service you add to your online store, allowing for a seamless customer experience and simple online business management.

Fun Fact: Many of our customers have seen store sales increase by 15 percent when they take their store online.

Online Ordering, Delivery and Curbside Pickup

Moving your store online gives you the opportunity to offer online ordering and delivery services. Offering these options will provide convenience to busy customers who may not have time to visit your store in-person.

Many grocers adopted this strategy during the thick of the pandemic and should continue to do so as customers will expect these popular and convenient options to continue.

Read the rest of the eBook… [https://itretail.com/grocery-technology-trends-for-2021/]

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