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Birdzi’s Visper Results Reveal Retailers Moving To Strategic Marketing


Last updated on October 6th, 2021 at 02:59 pm

Iselin, New Jersey-based Birdzi, one of the supermarket industry’s most comprehensive customer intelligence and engagement ecosystem, has released the most recent results from its clients’ Visper personalization campaigns.

Part of Birdzi’s customer intelligence platform, Visper leverages a retailer’s entire product catalog and customer insights to create specific offers, discounts and communication tailored to each shopper. Since its launch in October of last year, Visper has benefited major retailers like Weis Markets, Coborn’s and County Market, proving to be a more effective alternative to the weekly ad circular.

Across all Birdzi customers, more than 8 percent of shoppers who receive strategically targeted Visper offers buy one or more items versus the 4.5 percent of shoppers who buy one or more items from weekly circulars. This results in an incremental lift of over 15 percent versus the less than 1 percent generated by weekly circulars. In addition, Birdzi customers have seen a significant return on investment from Visper campaigns, which is driven by increases in customer engagement and shopper behavior. Results include:

  • 38.2 percent growth in the number of categories shopped;
  • 23.6 percent growth in the number of trips per shopper;
  • 16.6 percent growth in the spend per shopper;
  • 12.1 percent growth in shoppers who activated an offer for the first time; and
  • 11.8 percent growth in the number of shoppers.

Leveraging big data and machine learning, Visper helps retailers create one-to-one personalized customer experiences via email, direct mail or even print-on-receipt. Key benefits include:

  • Entire product catalog access: Use the entire store product catalog as the “offer pool,” making use of more than 40,000 products on average across the store;
  • Retailer-funded discounts: Assume responsibility for marketing efforts, while increasing return on investment to help fund personalized discounts;
  • Automated processes: Automate each step of the Visper process, from audience creation to recommended promotions for each customer to campaign execution; and
  • Individualized strategies: Grow lifetime value and engagement by leveraging custom customer audiences and deconstructing shopper profiles to strategically grow value.

“At Birdzi, we’re passionate about helping grocers re-create the personalized experience of the past using the AI-powered technology of the future,” said Shekar Raman, CEO and founder of Birdzi. “Visper has been a key tool to meeting this goal, delivering savings customers truly desire while providing real financial value for our retail customers.”

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