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Mashgin Touchless Self-Checkout Surpasses $100M Global Sales


Mashgin, a touchless self-checkout system powered by AI and computer vision, unveiled new milestones that illustrate how touchless checkout may soon dominate retail, convenience stores, sports concessions, airports and even cafes.

Mashgin Touchless Checkout kiosks have processed more than 16 million global transactions to date and recently surpassed more than $100 million in sales transactions worldwide. Deployments of Mashgin’s kiosks increased by over 100 percent during 2021, to nearly 500 locations today.

Mashgin Touchless Self-Checkout Surpasses $100M Global Sales

Additional data collected by Mashgin from its touchless checkout kiosks reveals Mashgin saved global consumers more than 15 years of their lives —time otherwise spent waiting in a queue. The recent milestone achievements further expand Mashgin’s capabilities to help retailers reduce friction and eliminate long lines that typically deter customers who are considering a purchase.

Palo Alto, California-based Mashgin recently introduced new payment integrations for convenience stores and fuel retailers, including an integration with Glory, a global leader in cash technology solutions. The new payment integrations allow customers to purchase fuel at Mashgin kiosks and use cash to checkout even faster than paying by credit card. Credit and debit cards are typically considered more efficient payment methods, however, Mashgin observed many cash transactions completing faster than typical EMV chip credit cards during the testing phase of its soon-to-release integration with Glory.

Mashgin Touchless Self-Checkout Surpasses $100M Global Sales
Jack Hogan

“U.S. gas prices are at their highest in seven years. A lack of available fuel pumps equates to lost revenue for gas station convenience stores as potential customers may drive to another nearby gas station if wait times are too long,” said Jack Hogan, VP of strategic partnerships. “By opening up Mashgin to cash payments and gas orders, even more customers can handle their transactions on high-speed self-checkout. That means even shorter lines that let customers happily return to their cars faster, opening up those pumps for additional customers.”

Retailers invest significant capital in reducing friction across customer access points from retail environments, especially during checkout. Mashgin’s Touchless Checkout System is up to four times faster than cashiers using traditional POS systems, resulting in shorter lines, happier customers and as much as a 34 percent increase in sales for Mashgin clients.

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