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Catalina, Coupon Bureau Partner On New Standard In Coupon Security


Last updated on November 14th, 2021 at 05:38 pm

In partnership with the Association of Coupon Professionals and the Coupon Bureau, St. Petersburg, Florida-based Catalina will be the first company to offer omnichannel marketing campaigns featuring the next standard in coupon security GS1 US (AI) 8112 in both digital and paper formats. 

This new 8112 standard will enable real-time validation of coupon offers at retail, while creating a new universal standard for single-use offers. The scope of this effort goes well beyond digital offers on an individual shopper’s mobile device.

Catalina will distribute the offers through its broad ecosystem of digital channels including digital display, place based media and connected television, as well as its in-store printer network at participating retailers.

“With over $100M in annual fraud wreaking havoc on the coupon industry, it is critical for innovators like Catalina to lead the industry in advancing the standard to a more secure format that reduces the burden on all parties and discourages counterfeit activity,” said Brandi Johnson, CEO of The Coupon Bureau. “We anticipate that adoption will be accelerated thanks to the extensive scale of Catalina’s retailer network coupled with their manufacturer client base representing millions of coupons annually.”

Catalina currently delivers $6.1 billion in value annually in partnership with retailers to a precisely targeted set of consumers. With extensive knowledge of shopping behaviors and preferences of 109 million households across the United States, Catalina can deliver promotions to only the desired targets.

Because of its scaled reach, precision targeting and tight distribution controls, many brands have looked to Catalina to deliver unique, high-value offers to their customers for nearly 40 years, both in-store and online. Manufacturers will now be able to add the additional protection of the 8112 coupon standard to protect those offers from abuse and mis-redemption, with the ultimate aim of making Catalina offers the gold standard in controlled promotion distribution.

“Brands have more options than ever on how and where to promote, but also more constraints and pressure to show that the marketing investment is generating a positive return,” said Ryan Monahan, SVP of product solutions at Catalina. “A misguided offer that goes viral or a high-value offer that gets cloned and redistributed can wreck a brand’s budget. Our partnership with The Coupon Bureau to offer single-use and real-time authentication of coupons will give marketers confidence that their offers will be used only as intended. We are proud of our collaboration with The Coupon Bureau, the Association of Coupon Professionals, other industry partners and many leading brands to bring this new secure format to market.” 

“Catalina has been instrumental in the (AI) 8112 project since its inception,” Johnson said. “The TCB team and I are thrilled that Catalina is once again jumping forward in innovation by incorporating the new coupon standard for their in-store print product that will be an essential aspect of growing the adoption of the new standard.”

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