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BRINGiT Bags Launches The First Zero Waste Shopping Bag System


BRINGiT Bags, PBC announced the official launch of its debut collection, including a first-of-its-kind shopping kit system, providing a functional and sustainable substitute for plastic and cotton bags.

The collection features the iTKit, an all-in-one shopping solution including a tote, shopper and assortment of produce bags that fit together for convenient storage and transport. Crafted from material derived from beechwood and eucalyptus trees, each piece is lightweight and soft to the touch – yet durable for regular trips to the market, big and small.

BRINGiT bags are designed to incorporate everything one needs for a plastic-free trip to the market, with the added benefits of organization and ease of cleaning. Every detail – from pocket placement to handle widths – is designed with consumer comfort and convenience in mind.

Ranging from $16.95 to $69.95, BRINGiT bags are made from LENZING Lyocell and LENZING Modal Color fibers. They’re machine washable (without releasing microplastics), tear resistant, home compostable and designed to ensure a stress free and sustainable visit to the store and beyond. The debut collection includes:

  • iTKit Shopping System (8 bags of various design), $69.95
  • Produce Bags (set of 6, various sizes), $29.95
  • iTBag Shopper, $16.95

“We were inspired by the innovative and emerging material used often in sustainable apparel and the need for planet friendly reusable tote options. We saw a massive opportunity to outfit bags – an everyday accessory – in this fabric,” said Deb Singer, co-founder of BRINGiT. “Not only is the fabric soft and durable, but it’s made from renewable source material that can return to the ecosystem at the end of its life cycle.  Our bags have significantly less environmental impact than any other bag on the market, reusable or otherwise.”

Co-founded by Singer and Karin Heck, Singer pioneered Whole Foods Market’s plastic bag ban in 2007, and Heck is an operational leader with deep consumer product experience. Unlike cotton bags or traditional reusable bags made of polypropylene that impact human and animal health, BRINGiT has fashioned its bags in eco-friendly cellulose tree fiber that composts to nourish the earth instead of polluting it.

“The U.S. goes through 200 billion plastic bags and 66 billion produce bags per year, and we have an opportunity to help reduce that number,” said Heck. “One iTKit alone displaces 3,500 plastic bags over its lifetime, so a single individual can truly help make a difference. BRINGiT is leading consumers into a revolution of reusables by making it fashionable and functional to refuse plastic bags.”

For more information on the collection, visit bringitbags.com.

Launched in 2021, BRINGiT is a collection of reusable and plastic-free shopping bags fulfilling a need in the market for a functional and sustainable substitute for plastic bags. Featuring the iTKiT, an all-in-one shopping solution including a tote, shopper and produce bags, the brand offers everything you need for a plastic-free, organized trip to the market. One-of-a-kind, BRINGiT’s bags are made of cellulose tree fiber and are washable, tear resistant, home compostable and feature chic colorways and prints. 

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