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Retail Trends 2022: What Americans Want From Retailers

Attest, a consumer research platform for the world’s biggest brands, has released new data on the retail trends that are likely to shape 2022. The research is found within the second annual US Consumer Trends report that tracks sentiment and behaviors ahead of the new year.

Key findings include:

  1. Overall, it’s bad news for Main Street when it comes to Americans’ shopping habits: Coming into 2022, is the online/offline split returning to normal now that physical stores are back open again? Attest’s research indicates that Americans still favor online shopping, with 37 percent saying they “mostly” or “always” shop online for products (excluding food), versus 32 percent who primarily shop in-store. Meanwhile, 30 percent split their shopping between online and offline.
  1. Millennials are the demographic most likely to favor online shopping: Nearly half (45 percent) of Millennials are now “mostly” or “always” shopping online. This compares to 40 percent of Gen Z, 36 percent of Gen X, and 24.5 percent of Boomers. Boomers are the only demographic to favor shopping in-store – 49 percent say they shop primarily in-store for non-food products.
  1. Shopping has become our favorite national pastime: But there’s some good news for the retail industry – the activity that Americans are most likely to be doing frequently going into 2022 is shopping; 60 percent of respondents say they go shopping weekly or daily. In comparison, only 29 percent are doing a sporting activity with this frequency, and 22 percent are going to a group, club or class.
  2. Supermarkets are still tops for food shopping, despite increasing online options: Despite the growth in same-day online delivery from supermarkets, Americans still prefer to shop for groceries the old-fashioned way. Six in 10 (60 percent) prefer to shop in-store, versus 21 percent that primarily purchases groceries online. A further 19 percent split their food shopping between online and offline. Boomers are the most wedded to the supermarket, with 81 percent always or mostly shopping there (only 9 percent favor online shopping). By contrast, the most likely to shop for food online are Millennials; 29 percent favor it. 

“This data highlights the continuing challenges that Main Street will likely face going into 2022 as online shopping continues to be Americans’ preferred way of shopping,” said Jeremy King, CEO and founder of Attest. “However, there is welcome news for retailers of all stripes. The Attest research finds that the public is spending more time than ever shopping, turning the activity into the nation’s favorite pastime. This presents a great opportunity for online and offline retailers as we enter the new year.” 

All figures within this press release are conducted via research on the Attest platform. The total sample size for this research was 1,000 nationally representative working-age consumers based in the United States. The survey concluded on Oct. 18.

Attest is a fast-scaling, 140-person SaaS business based in London and New York.

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