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Symphony RetailAI Named To Food Logistics’ Top Software Providers


Dallas, Texas-based Symphony RetailAI, a provider of integrated AI-powered marketing, merchandising and supply chain solutions for FMCG retailers and CPG manufacturers, has been named to Food Logistics’ 2021 Top Software & Technology Providers list.

The Food Logistics award recognizes vendors whose solutions ensure a safe, efficient and reliable global cold food and beverage supply chain. Symphony RetailAI’s solutions strengthen the links between data, decision maker and implementer, helping to make retailers more responsive to sudden and significant changes in the supply chain.

Symphony RetailAI also offers market-leading kitchen management capabilities, which appeals to retailers that increasingly embrace in-store kitchens, meal preparation kits and prepared offerings. The company’s AI-enabled demand forecasting and replenishment solutions help to limit avoidable costs that result from inaccurate forecasts, where out-of-stocks lead to lost sales and overstocks cause both physical and financial waste. Use-by dates are also factored in to ensure accurate inventory levels.

Armed with these predictions and supported by the company’s solutions for inventory management and order fulfillment, grocery retailers can re-optimize allocation in real time.

“Heightened customer expectations have led to new complexities for grocery retail, and timing and temperature remain crucial in the management of perishables,” said Chris Koziol, CEO of Symphony RetailAI. “Because of this, retailers are hyper-focused on gaining new capabilities for responding to current supply chain disruptions. We’re honored to be included on Food Logistics’ list as organizations consider their preferred technology partners.

“Our solutions enable retailers to manage all fresh item data, track expiration dates and minimize waste with detailed dashboards that provide insights into fresh-specific KPIs. And because one problem in the supply chain causes a ripple effect on waste if items aren’t stored properly, it is critical to have solutions like ours that provide inventory visibility with real-time updates.”

With AI-powered demand forecasts and a consolidated view of inventory, retailers have recognized up to a 35 percent reduction in inventory, 40 percent improvement in productivity and 10 percent reduction in waste using Symphony RetailAI solutions.

Learn more about the company’s end-to-end supply chain platform.

Visit FoodLogistics.com to view the full list of all 2021 Software & Technology Providers.

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