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Lancaster Promoted To CEO Of Stavis Seafoods

Stavis Seafoods
David Lancaster

David Lancaster has been promoted from president to CEO of Boston, Massachusetts-based Stavis Seafoods. The decision was released by its parent company, Profand Group, based out of Vigo, Spain.

A 30-year veteran in the seafood industry, Lancaster has served as president of Stavis Seafoods since January 2021, after previously acting as VP of sales, where the company grew under his leadership. 

As CEO, Lancaster will continue to drive growth, increase system efficiencies and execution, expand brand reach and grow Stavis’ customer base and product development for a changing marketplace. 

This promises to be an exciting year for Stavis Seafoods

Redesigned product development, increased efficiencies in procedures and expanded physical locations are planned ensure growth is handled smoothly. An e-commerce solution is in development and promises to open Stavis Seafoods to new markets. 

“During his time as president, David has proven to be a capable leader navigating uncertain times and capitalizing on new opportunities. David has fostered an environment of positivity and collaboration and has led Stavis to exceed goals directly leading to increased margins and growth with new opportunities,” said Enrique Garcia, CEO of Profand Group.

“We have seen what kind of leader David is and the positive impact that his leadership has brought to Stavis Seafoods. Congratulations, David, on another well-deserved promotion,” he said.

The Profand Group is a multinational fishing and seafood manufacturer with vessels and processing plants around the world. 

This relationship provides Stavis Seafoods with a direct connection to fishermen harvesting their seafood on the boat, giving the company true vertical integration and a traceable hook-to-plate sourcing solution. 

Stavis offers a line of quality brands, including SeaTru, BOS’N, Prince Edward, Foods From the Sea, Boston Pride and the Profand brand. 

For more information, visit stavis.com.

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