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Grocery TV Expands Reach In Northeast With Wakefern Partnership

Grocery TV Expands Reach In Northeast With Wakefern Partnership

Austin, Texas-based Grocery TV added 4,000 point-of-sale displays to its digital advertising network by partnering with retail wholesaler Wakefern Food Corp., including supermarkets: ShopRite, Price Rite, Price Chopper and Ideal Food Basket. 

Grocery TV advertising is now available in all 50 states and expects to add 8,000 more displays by the end of 2022.

“As an industry leader in grocery retail, Wakefern is an incredible partner for our network,” said Marlow Nickell, CEO at Grocery TV. “We’re excited to be working with them and to increase Grocery TV’s presence in the Northeast, including major cities like New York.”

In just four years, Grocery TV has partnered with nearly every major grocery wholesaler in the country. Major brands across all industries have leveraged its place-based digital advertising network to consistently reach their audience in high-traffic retail locations. 

The company aims to make in-store retail media more accessible to brands. Their inventory is available on major supply-side platforms, allowing media buyers to easily launch, manage and track the performance of their campaigns on demand-side platforms, like The Trade Desk and Yahoo DSP, similar to how they would online.

Grocery TV reached more than 20 million people in 2021. This year, it will continue to expand its network with the goal of making it easier for brands to leverage their place-based advertising in retail media or digital advertising campaigns.

Grocery TV is a digital advertising network in the U.S. grocery industry. The company’s vision is to help brands grow by making it easier for them to reach their target audiences in retail. 

For more information, visit grocerytv.com.

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