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Tally Releases 2021 Smart Shelf Alerts Summary Report

Longmont, Colorado-based Tally Retail Solutions has released its 2021 Summary Analysis of Store Alerts. The Smart Shelf provides retailers a shelf inventory monitoring tool and case management platform to combat ORC, customer theft, manage inventory levels and forecast customer demand based on real-time product movement.

Incident reporting results for 2021 indicates that the Tally Smart Shelf is a strong deterrent to all forms of customer theft, especially ORC, and provides on shelf availability status alerts.  

“We are pleased the Smart Shelf is once again proving to be a more permanent solution to retail theft,” said Sean Ryan, chief revenue officer. “Smart Shelf was tested in the Loss Prevention Research Council Lab at the University of Florida. It received the highest test scores for ‘Get It’ and ‘Fear it.’ The LPRC’s methods, criteria and insights are proven to help retailers and solutions providers create solutions that are a strong deterrent to retail theft. Our retailer categorized incident results for 2021 are further proof that support LPRC’s research and conclusions regarding our solution.” 

”2021 was a very positive year for Tally. Our solution was selected as top 10 from among nearly 200 innovations. We were scheduled to present our solutions to retailer and CPG executives at both the ECR and FMI conferences. The response so far has been very positive, leading to more retailers and CPGs considering the Tally solution to solve their most challenging loss and on-shelf availability problems,” said Trey Ryan, Tally’s chief technical officer.

This year’s data was collected from six separate retail chains that deploy the Tally Smart Shelf in their most challenging stores. The alerts and incident details were categorized and recorded in the Tally Portal. 

An event description along with the monetary value of the recovered merchandise was recorded in three possible theft categories:

  1. Deterred theft – Offender, upon hearing the announcement, returned the product to the shelf or abandoned the product in the aisle. 
  2. Recovered merchandise – Offender was approached and surrendered the products. Many times, items not protected by the Smart Shelf were also recovered.
  3. Shoplifting – Shoplifter or gang members identified with items and amount stolen used to create evidence-based record for local prosecutors. 

Four categories of merchandise were included in the 2021 analysis. 

  1. Laundry Detergent 
  2. Energy Drinks 
  3. Baby Formula 
  4. Hair Care 

Tally works with retailers and consumer products manufacturers to implement innovative technologies that reduce shrinkage and increase sales and profits for each. Tally’s leadership has more than 75 years of innovative technology  development, sales and marketing expertise.

For more information, visit tally.solutions.

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