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84.51° February Consumer Digest Report Shows Inflation Worries


How are shoppers cutting back to fight inflation? And what pandemic behaviors will stick? 84.51°, a Cincinnati-based retail data science company that helps Kroger and its partners, unpacks these insights and more in its February Consumer Digest.

Based on real-time insights surveys from February 2022, here’s the latest on shopper trends and behavioral analytics:

COVID-19 concern is trending downward among shoppers as cases start to decline. Thirty six percent claim they are extremely concerned about COVID-19 this month, while 68 percent of shoppers say they are very concerned with inflation. 84.51’s February report states that:

  • 56 percent have been looking for sales and promotions more often;
  • 40 percent have switched to a lower cost brand; and
  • 34 percent are cooking from home and 30 percent are going out less.

Consumers say if they need to cut back, 57 percent would cut out adult beverages, 56 percent snacks and 46 percent beauty. But, while 56 percent say they have been cutting back on non-essentials like snacks and candy, the actual shopper behavior shows that units sold are flat and shoppers are still snacking.

Pandemic behaviors that will stick 

There’s no question that COVID-19 has catalyzed tons of new consumer behaviors. 84.51’s February report states consumers will continue to:

  • 58 percent will cook/eat at home more;
  • 54 percent will stay at home more;
  • 45 percent will focus on self-care;
  • 36 percent will continue to wear masks on planes;
  • 20 percent will continue to work remotely; and
  • 20 percent will order groceries online.

Spring is in the air

For 35 percent of consumers, spring cleaning will kick off in March and they are purchasing products to jump start the purge. Top items include all-purpose cleaners at 75 percent, bathroom cleaners at 69 percent, toilet cleaners at 67 percent and glass cleaners at 64 percent.

For more information, visit 8451.com.

84.51° has recently delved into shifting consumer habits in another report. To read about this story from The Shelby Report, click here.

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