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LesserEvil Partners With ‘Clean Oil Crew’ For Educational Campaign


Danbury, Connecticut-based LesserEvil has teamed up with A Dozen Cousins, Cappello’s, Primal Kitchen and RIND Snacks to create the Clean Oil Crew. This is a coalition of brands joining forces for an educational campaign, limited-edition starter pack available for purchase and a special giveaway to educate about clean oils and inspire others to join the movement.

Brands in the Clean Oil Crew aim to educate consumers about products made with good fats including butter, ghee, olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil and nut oils instead of vegetable and seed oils. The Clean Oil Crew will make its debut at the Natural Products Expo West on March 8-12.

“At LesserEvil, we have been conscious about the ingredients we use since day one because we define better-for-you as minimal processing – just like you would make it at home,” said Charles Connecticut, CEO of LesserEvil.

“Vegetable and seed oils are becoming more and more common in our natural food world, which is why we called upon A Dozen Cousins, Cappello’s, Primal Kitchen and RIND Snacks to help us educate consumers about the processing of clean oils and the benefits of these oils to human health. We want everyone to join us and redefine what it means to be a clean brand and conscious consumer.”

Vegetable and seed oils commonly appear in food products, restaurants and home kitchens, which is why the Clean Oil Crew wants to encourage consumers and brands to make a change. To help others kickstart their clean oil journey, the Clean Oil Crew created a limited-edition starter pack, which features exclusive products and vouchers, and is available for purchase on LesserEvil.com for $17.

Fans can participate in a campaign giveaway for a chance to win a free starter pack and special prizes by sharing their journey on social media, tagging the brands in the Clean Oil Crew and using the hashtag #CleanOilCrew. 

The starter pack includes:

  • A Dozen Cousins (Expo West Booth No. N1118): Cuban black beans; 
  • Cappello’s (Expo West Booth No. 5500): keto and almond flour pizzas;
  • LesserEvil (Expo West Booth No. 980): Himalayan Pink salt sun poppers;
  • Primal Kitchen (Expo West Booth No. 5184): organic extra virgin olive oil; and
  • RIND Snacks (Expo West Booth No. N2045): straw-peary chewy and apple chips.

The campaign will also feature educational content on social media highlighting vegetable and seed oils, including which oils to look for and avoid, tips for reading product labels, talk tracks for restaurants and social gatherings. 

For more information, visit lesserevil.com.

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