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Giant Eagle Adopts SmartSense IoT Framework Across All Supermarkets

Giant Eagle

Boston-based SmartSense, part of Digi International – a global provider of Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity solutions – has expanded its relationship with Giant Eagle Inc.

SmartSense protects Giant Eagle’s 215 pharmacies and provides digital task management for its 175 grocery properties and 92 convenience stores. With the latest phase of IoT deployment including 32,000 new SmartSense digital temperature monitoring devices to remotely and automatically monitor its critical food assets, Giant Eagle can provide guests with the highest levels of food safety and quality.

“We have been continually impressed with SmartSense’s innovative and intelligent solutions, which have allowed us to strengthen our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest levels of food safety for the communities we serve,” said Vic Vercammen, Giant Eagle VP of risk and chief compliance officer. “Specifically, capturing detailed data insights and prescriptive analytics via SmartSense’s advanced technologies will enhance our team members’ ability to monitor product freshness in real time.”

“We are proud to serve as an IoT partner for Giant Eagle. Our experience, easily solving compliance requirements of pharmacy and healthcare, empowers us to keep providing critical solutions for food safety and equipment optimization,” said Guy Yehiav, SmartSense president.

“With paper and manual checks a thing of the past, we help customers such as Giant Eagle advance their operations and move from physical logs to digital insights that inform their teams on the ground, with efficiency and effectiveness. We work with customers over the long-term – evolving and developing prescriptive analytics from our scalable systems that distill operational data into clear actions that improve safety, quality and sustainability.”

Founded in 1931, Giant Eagle is a food retailer and distributor, with approximately $10 billion in annual sales. Recognizing the competitive and cost-saving advantage of utilizing digital technology, the company’s walk-ins, chillers and refrigerators across all supermarkets will include the SmartSense system which, installing in minutes, combines wireless sensors, food probes, digital checklists and remote monitoring software and analytics tools.

All features and functions are accessible via a single compliance monitoring dashboard and mobile app to give a holistic view of operations at every level. The results are insights that will help Giant Eagle drive quality control, employee productivity and food safety compliance.

For more information, visit smartsense.co.

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