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StickyLickits Launches Distribution To Walmart Locations


Los Angeles, California-based StickyLickits, a line of eatable stickers that entice kids to be more adventurous eaters, is expanding its distribution to include more than 350 Walmart stores in Arizona, California, Utah, Washington, Colorado, Nevada, Wyoming, Oregon, New Mexico, Idaho and Montana.

“Every parent knows that it can be a struggle for young children to taste and eat the healthier foods on their plates,” said Linda York, founder and CEO of StickyLickits. “Our all-natural, edible stickers help to motivate children to eat more fruits and vegetables because they make mealtime more fun. Parents also love StickyLickits because the stickers encourage children to taste a variety of foods and build healthier eating habits.” 

To use the stickers, kids just have to lick, stick and eat their creations. The dissolving stickers are 100 percent natural with a tapioca base that the company says tastes like marshmallows or cotton candy.

StickyLickits do not contain sugar, additives, or allergens like soy, dairy or peanuts. They’re also kosher, vegan, non-GMO and gluten-free. Packages contain 30 stickers each and can be found in Walmart’s produce department.

“StickyLickits helps to capture the lively imaginations that children bring to the dinner table,” said York. “Most importantly, the stickers help to introduce and nurture a healthy relationship with food.”

The company says that researchers at the University of Bari Aldo Moro in Italy found that 5- and 6-year-olds choose healthy foods like kiwis, carrots and tomatoes over their usual name-brand snacks if the healthy items had a sticker featuring their favorite cartoon character.

Even kids who had never tried or overtly disliked the healthier options were still swayed by the sticker.

StickyLickits’ products span designs featuring popular characters like Sesame Street, Paw Patrol, SpongeBob SquarePants, Doodle Dums and Making Faces designs. 

StickyLickits’ latest design, which will roll out exclusively in Walmart stores, showcases nine-year-old Ryan’s World influencer Ryan Kaji’s animated alter egos: Super Hero – Red Titan, Daring Detective – Super Spy, and Global Adventurer – World Tour. A slight shift from the previous cartoon-inspired packaging, the new design reflects the growing prominence of kidfluencers and their following.

“Aligning with a brand like Ryan’s World adds to the appeal of StickyLickits,” said York. “Ryan is fun, familiar and relatable to kids. He and his family are also big believers in the importance of encouraging healthy eating habits.”

The Ryan’s World franchise spans a YouTube channel with more than 30 million subscribers, as well as games, apps and consumer products. While much of the content centers on play and toys, Ryan and his family also share informative, educational content featuring everything from science experiments to family adventures. 

For more information, visit StickyLickits.com.

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