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Bowery Farming Partners With The Nature Conservancy

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New York-based Bowery Farming has entered into a partnership with The Nature Conservancy as part of its Earth Month “Rewild the Land” initiative. Bowery Farming will also be supporting restoration efforts of both degraded farmland and forests in the U.S. through The Nature Conservancy’s “Plant a Billion Trees” initiative.

Bowery is pledging to restore 50 acres in the U.S. to support The Nature Conservancy’s efforts in restoring ecosystem biodiversity and spotlight the rewilding movement. The pledge supports two main focal points: the Mississippi Alluvial Valley, a once heavily forested area converted to agriculture, and Longleaf Pine Forests, a biologically diverse ecosystem impacted by development and timbering that is home to 29 threatened and endangered species.

To celebrate rewilding efforts led by The Nature Conservancy, Bowery has updated packaging on select 4-ounce. SKUs in all retail partners for April to feature cutouts of six animals that are residents of Longleaf Pine Forests and the Mississippi Alluvial Valley. The “Rewild the Land” pack takeover, designed by Nessen Co., includes animals such as the Louisiana black bear.

“When we grow inside, we can restore outside. Sustainability has always been core to our mission, and this Earth Month, we are dedicating retail shelf space and ecommerce displays at FreshDirect, Whole Foods Market, Walmart and more to increase consumer awareness about rewilding,” said Frank Renwick, VP of marketing and brand at Bowery. 

“Our ability to turn non-arable land into verdant farmland means we can give Mother Earth a break for key land restoration endeavors, bringing biodiversity back to degraded lands over time. This brand campaign will also connect our consumers to information on actionable sustainability and restoration efforts, such as supporting The Nature Conservancy’s ‘Plant a Billion Trees’ campaign.”

Bowery’s vertical farms are 100 times more productive than a traditional farm on the same footprint of land. In moving the production of food indoors, Bowery is utilizing technology and innovation – powered by renewable energy – to help build a resilient, agile food system and feed growing populations sustainably without losing wild land to agriculture.

Bowery will also rollout updated packaging in late spring 2022, reducing its use of plastic by nearly 50 percent. This new pack includes a resealable “film” top, dramatically reducing total plastic without sacrificing food safety or shelf life.

For more information, visit boweryfarming.com.

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