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Russ Newall, Invafresh’s VP of customer success, is an award-winning, industry renowned customer success growth expert and innovative fresh retail thought leader.

Russ is highly sought-after by industry leaders such as Price Chopper, Giant Eagle, Brookshire Grocery, The Fresh Market, to name a few. He is a change agent, a problem solver, and a pragmatic leader with the unique ability to empower fresh food retailers and store associates across the globe to become the best at their most important work.

As the pandemic shifts the requirements and needs of the grocery labor force and operations, Russ continues to lead his CS team to establish innovative processes and training methodologies to empower grocery workers of all levels to overcome today’s unique workforce and operational challenges, improve food safety and reduce food waste in the most profitable and sustainable way.

This passion that has led him to develop strong, lasting relationships with customers and deliver fresh food retailers’ solutions to realize their goals of increasing revenue, maintaining customer loyalty, and ensuring that all employees (from store associates and backroom operators to managers and C-level executives) are benefiting from the Invafresh Fresh Retail Platform.

Read Invafresh’s expertise regarding “Fresh Intelligent Forecasting: The Superpower Against Labor Shortages” here.

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