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Coborn’s, MessageWrap Continue Partnership With New Campaign

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MessageWrap has unveiled its newest campaign with Midwest grocer Coborn’s.

Since partnering in 2016, Coborn’s pioneered the integration of cashiers and printed conveyor belt covers to prompt conversations at checkout. Additionally, the grocer developed the following MessageWrap printed conveyor belt cover best practice use cases:

Shopper loyalty promotions on the checkout conveyor belt, including Coborn’s “More Rewards” program, food facts and price cuts, have become commonplace across the grocer’s chain of stores.

E-commerce has been a key focus, especially through the More Rewards App and the shop online program to help encourage curbside pickup. The More Rewards loyalty program is integrated with the POS system, allowing the cashier to be digitally prompted to interact with the customer about the rewards program. This additional prompt gives the printed message on the conveyor belt an even further reach – from the visual moment at check out, to the discussion with the cashier, to the online mobile experience in the store and then the ongoing engagement when they leave.

Finally, Coborn’s highlights Private Label items, including their use of local vendors for food items, and the Chicken Shack and Four Brothers private label brands.

“MessageWrap has become an integral part of our marketing mix and a creative asset in-store for promotional messaging. Most importantly, customers and cashiers love them,” said Dennis Host, Coborn’s VP of marketing. “Our cashiers rave about the ability to better interact with our customers, taking the basic black checkout lane to an exciting new level with colorful, creative and relevant messaging. We are thrilled our latest campaign will build upon our long and successful partnership with MessageWrap, and we look forward to continuing to work hand in hand to innovate the checkout experience for our customers.”

Since 2016, Coborn’s has been installing fresh MessageWraps twice a year, promoting some of its initiatives on belted lanes across all of its stores, often using different designs in a single program. With a track record of success in utilizing MessageWrap printed conveyor belts in a way that cashiers and customers value, Coborn’s has remained at the forefront of MessageWrap’s checkout experience innovation. The newest graphics build upon more than five years of in-store communication with MessageWrap.

“Coborn’s continues to be on the cutting edge of pioneering best practices with MessageWrap. They time and again find new ways to capitalize on the checkout experience with each customer, and today’s campaigns continue to build upon their track record of success,” said Nathan Vanderploeg, MessageWrap CEO.

“For over five years, Coborn’s combination of using MessageWrap and their cashiers to promote shopper loyalty, e-commerce and private label initiatives has been incredible. It’s proved to not only work for the bottom line, but also to create the most enjoyable checkout experience for cashiers and customers.”  

For more information, visit cobornsinc.com.

After the past two years of uncertainty and changed plans due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we all hoped that 2022 might bring back a sense of normalcy.

However, with government and independent data confirming 40 years of inflation highs and Wall Street entering a bear market, grocers now have new challenges to face.

In this webinar, we will hear from Todd Taylor of Neighborhood Fresh and Darlene Murphy of Metcalfe’s Market about why shopper loyalty is so important in this time of inflation.

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CPG + Grocery Retailers’ Rapid Response to Shifting Consumer Behavior Is Impressive and Ongoing

At every twist and turn, brands and retailers have responded to crisis and disruption with innovation, ingenuity, and reinvention. Until the next big thing pops up, many of the changes to the way consumers now shop for groceries and purchase CPG retail items expect to remain. Despite their nimbleness over the last two-plus years, brands and retailers must continue to improve to meet evolving expectations and demands of consumers.

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