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Savannah Bee Company Launches Orange Blossom Gold Reserve Honey


Georgia-based Savannah Bee Company has launched a pure orange blossom honey available within the U.S. market. This season’s orange blossom honey has reached what the brand deems “Gold Reserve” status. 

Savannah Bee Company made the decision to release an Orange Blossom Gold Reserve Honey after clinically testing the pollen count, considering the color clarity and receiving a passing score in a juried taste test. 

Orange blossom honey is typically sourced from orange groves in Florida, where beekeepers from across the country take their hives for several weeks during the spring. The honeybees collect nectar to create this monofloral honey with subtle notes of citrus. Once the blooms fall and fruit begins to grow, beekeepers remove their honeybees. 

“Honey like this only happens when nature aligns,” said Ted Dennard, founder and head beekeeper for Savannah Bee Company. “An abundant orange blossom season supported by early spring days gave the honeybees the ideal backdrop to do what they do best in the 2021 harvest season.” 

Dennard attributes the season’s harvest success to perfect environmental conditions in Florida. During February and March 2021, when orange trees bloom, the state offered good humidity, no rain, a light breeze and a perfect bloom. Unfortunately, the 2022 orange blossom harvest was disrupted due to inconsistent weather patterns and two early blooms of orange trees. 

“The 2022 orange blossom bloom was unfortunate and quite contradictory to the harvest in 2021,” Dennard said. 

This year’s unprecedented harvest means customers should not expect the Orange Blossom Gold Reserve to return once it has sold out. 

Savannah Bee Company is a business inspired by the honeybee. Dennard seeks out the most unique honey made from the nectar of flower species. He then bottles the honey for connoisseurs, uses it in health and wellness products and then distributes beehive ingredient-based products back into the world. Purchases made with Savannah Bee Company support beekeepers who save the bees.

For more information, visit savannahbee.com.

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