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Dairy Farmers Of Wisconsin To Celebrate National Diary Month In June


The Dairy Farms of Wisconsin are planning to celebrate National Dairy Month in June by exploring ways its farm families make their products every day.

Wisconsin is a supplier of more than half the country’s specialty cheese. Dairy products are a natural source of immune-boosting nutrients, like vitamin A, vitamin D and protein that  bodies need, and it is primarily the backbone of Wisconsin’s economy, providing $45.6 billion in economic activity.

National Dairy Month pays tribute to the Wisconsin farmers who contribute to their local communities, care for the land and animals and produce nutritious products. Farming is a family affair in Wisconsin as more than 95 percent of all farms are family-owned.

“Farming is a labor of love – a love of the land, cows, family and feeding the world,” said Suzanne Fanning, SVP of DFW and CMO for Wisconsin Cheese. “Wisconsin farms often consist of multiple generations dedicated to producing high-quality milk, providing care for animals and improving the land for future generations.”

The association has shared several ways to celebrate the holiday in June:

  1. Experience modern farming and meet local farmers by attending one of Wisconsin’s June Dairy Month farm breakfasts;
  2. Enjoy fresh cheese curds or sample one of more than 600 varieties, types and styles of Wisconsin Cheese; 
  3. Try one of Wisconsin Cheese’s featured dairy recipes; and
  4. Look for the “Proudly Wisconsin” badges when shopping at your local grocery store.

The versatility and nutritional value of its products make it easy to participate in this month-long celebration. Dairy is a pure, farm-to-table food with an all-natural ingredient profile that makes smoothies creamier, desserts richer and summer picnics tastier. 

DFW is a non-profit organization that focuses on marketing and promoting Wisconsin’s dairy products.

For more information, visit wisconsindairy.org/national-dairy-month.

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