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Milliken, Invista Partners To Showcase Impact Copolymer Packaging


Spartanburg, South Carolina-based Milliken & Co. is pleased to be exhibiting at IDDBA expo taking place June 5-7 in Atlanta.

In Booth No. 2651, the producer of plastic additives and colorants will be highlighting its collaboration with Invista, the U.S. polypropylene resin manufacturer. Together, the partners used Milliken’s DeltaMax performance modifier to develop a new PP impact copolymer that is ideal for thin-wall injection molded packaging.

The two partners will be showcasing the resin maker’s new AP5195-LV PP impact copolymer, with its physical properties enabled by DeltaMax. The companies said that this ICP surpasses incumbent PP materials in TWIM packaging applications by delivering better impact strength, high melt flow and good stiffness without the trade-offs typically seen among these properties.

“The balanced performance of Milliken’s additive technology enhances the resin architecture of our new AP5195-LV PP impact copolymer,” said Pierre Donaldson from INVISTA Polypropylene, who calls it “another major milestone in our successful collaboration with Milliken. By excelling in impact, melt flow and stiffness, our novel PP material can make it easier for converters to produce strong yet lightweight packaging, boost productivity, and reduce energy and plastic use to support environmental efforts.”

There is strong demand for such resins, given the continuing growth of the thin-wall packaging sector, which market studies show surging from $38.6 billion in 2020 and to $55.9 billion by 2026. Injection molding accounts for the largest share of thin-wall packaging.

Thanks to the DeltaMax modifier, Invista’s PP impact copolymer delivers a combination of properties. Its high melt flow rate supports thin-wall designs and increases throughput while reducing energy use. Its high impact strength at low temperatures protects against breakage of refrigerated packaging when dropped by consumers or workers. Additionally, its high stiffness allows packages to be stored, transported and shelved in taller stacks to conserve space.

The new grade is FDA compliant for food-contact applications, and is ideal for refrigerated packaging such as large yogurt cups, and dip and deli salad containers.

For more information, visit milliken.com.

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