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FarmBox Foods Launches Indoor Farm Growing Livestock Feed


FarmBox Foods has announced the launch of its Hydroponic Fodder Farm with a public open house Sept. 27 at 5389 Plum Ave. in Sedalia, Colorado.

Guided tours of the new indoor farm — the third product line offered by FarmBox Foods — will be provided. Attendees will also receive a tour of the company’s other tech-assisted, containerized farms: the Vertical Hydroponic Farm and Gourmet Mushroom Farm.


Fodder is a nutrient-dense hay that’s used as a dietary supplement for horses, cows, pigs, goats, chickens, sheep, rabbits and alpacas. By growing fodder on site year-round, farmers and ranchers can avoid supply chain disruptions, sourcing issues and spikes in hay prices.

The controlled-climate farms provide a reliable, local source of fresh food while shielding the barley fodder from weather and climate impacts, including drought, heat waves, freezes and floods.

The farms are housed inside upcycled, insulated shipping containers outfitted with plumbing, electrical and sensors to control conditions inside. The 320-square-foot farms also capture, filter and recycle water for maximum water efficiency.

Protein-rich fodder improves the overall health of livestock, supplements hydration and adds weight to beef cattle. It also promotes the production of better-quality milk for dairy cows and goats, improves fertility rates, reduces the likelihood of illness and decreases methane output because of its digestibility compared to traditional alfalfa hay.                                                         

Because barley fodder requires a seven-day growth cycle, a staggered schedule allows farmers and ranchers to harvest around 880 pounds of fodder per day.

FarmBox Foods connects communities to sustainably sourced, locally grown food, year-round. It brings food security, safety and sustainability to communities through its Vertical Hydroponic Farm, Gourmet Mushroom Farm and Hydroponic Fodder Farm.

FarmBox Foods crafts alternatives to centralized food systems with its high-yield, low carbon footprint container farms. The farm designs promote easy operation and maintenance while reducing the risk of food-borne illnesses.

For more information, visit farmboxfoods.com.

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