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Crop’s Fresh Marketplace Makes Strides With LOC Software


When talking about Crop’s Fresh Marketplace, the first words that come to mind are clean, fresh and friendly. In 1953, Robert Cropper started the Cropper family grocery business operating as Cropper’s IGA. In the early 60’s, the store expanded to 2400 square feet.


As the company grew, Robert’s son John Cropper grew up working closely with his family in the store, expanding their operation; today, they have grown to an impressive 51,000 square-foot full-service supermarket. They offer their customers the best product and services, such as custom cakes, a full-service butcher shoppe and a smoked to perfection in-house smoke pit.

Offering technology solutions to enhance the friendly part of their organization, the grocer has made great strides in the technology aspects of their business.

“Over the past few years, changing how we can interact with our customers is very important. For example, we now offer a dynamic loyalty program and online shopping,” said Chad Cropper, director of operations. “With these programs using flexible integrations that LOC Software offers but yet implemented by our local software experts is a game-changer.”

In addition, Miles Technologies operates in many locations providing solutions for retailer needs. “It is exciting to see how Crop’s is leveraging LOC to meet the evolving needs and demands of their customers,” said Jeremy Good, point of sale services manager at Miles Technologies. 

Crop’s Marketplace and Miles Technologies took on a redesign of their front-end point of sale system most recently. They saw the demand change from having cashier manned stations to self-service options; Crop’s took on the challenge of implementing four self-checkouts during the Memorial holiday 2021 and expanding to six self-checkouts by Thanksgiving.

“Operating now with five traditional and six self-check lanes has made for a seamless shopping experience for any shopper,” Cropper said. In addition, LOC Software runs natively on the hardware making the experience effortless. 

Running day-to-day operations, Crop’s uses the entire LOC system, whether receiving product at the back door, analyzing data or making the checkout experience the best for the customers.

“By offering e-commerce, curbside pickup, digital coupons/loyalty and now self-checkouts, they have transformed into a whole new shopping experience,” Good said. “Choosing Miles Technologies as our partner and using LOC’s software suite makes sense for our business,” Cropper said.  

If you are looking for the premier shopping experience in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, head to Crop’s Fresh Marketplace. 

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For more information about Crop’s Fresh Marketplace, visit cropsmarketplace.com.

To learn more about Miles Technologies, visit milestechnologies.com.

For more information, visit locsoftware.com.

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