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Ball Corporation Provides Refillable Bottled Water Solutions

Ball Corporation

Westminster, Colorado-based Ball Corporation and Boomerang Water have announced an alliance to bring consumers a sustainable way to stay hydrated.

At resorts, cruise ships, campuses and elsewhere, Ball will provide its aluminum bottles for the Boomerang Bottling System, a technology company that offers the convenience of bottled water in a sustainable package while limiting the environmental impact. Boomerang’s Bottling System washes, rinses, filters, fills and caps fresh water in refillable, returnable and recyclable Ball aluminum bottles, eliminating the waste and carbon emissions produced by manufacturing and transporting disposable bottles.

Boomerang is delivering industry-leading innovation with its bottling system that can wash, fill and cap more than 3,000 bottles of fresh, premium water per eight-hour shift. The whole idea and concept is the reusability and circularity of the aluminum bottles paired with a Boomerang system,” said Jason Dibble, Boomerang Water co-founder.

“Ball’s aluminum bottles are the perfect complement for our Boomerang Bottling System since they can get re-used over and over and ultimately recycled easily at the end of their life.”

Aluminum cans, bottles and cups – which are infinitely recyclable and economically valuable – enable the circular economy because they can be refilled, reused and recycled without losses. Through its alliance with Boomerang Water, Ball will provide aluminum bottles that will model a closed loop system by being refilled, reused and recycled. Rather than disposing of the bottles at their end of life, Ball and Boomerang Water will recycle them, at which point they can be turned into new bottles within 60 days.

“At Ball, our ambition is to never stop leveraging our years of beverage packaging expertise to deliver new, innovative and sustainable solutions for our customers,” said Jay Billings, president of Ball Aerosol Packaging. “We aim to be a strategic supplier to innovators, like Boomerang, that are finding new ways to bring consumers and businesses sustainable options and make a difference for the planet.”

The alliance between Ball and Boomerang Water comes at a time when sustainability is more important than ever to consumers, who increasingly look to the brands they love to provide them with the opportunity to purchase and use products that are good for the planet. In fact, research finds that 85 percent of consumers have become more sustainable in their purchasing in recent years.

Boomerang Water’s new technology was launched and implemented at the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, where Ball’s aluminum water bottles are available throughout the resort. The system is a solution for venues where reclaiming used bottles can be easy, including resorts, cruise ships, convention centers, corporate and university campuses, military and government bases and industrial and manufacturing facilities.

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