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Pound Of Ground Releases Survey Results On Family Meal Habits

Pound of Ground

Greeley, Colorado-based Pound of Ground Crumbles of JBS USA, a global food company, released a new survey conducted by OnePoll describing the challenges parents face while managing their households, especially at mealtime.

The survey fielded 2,000 U.S. parents with school-aged children, as they returned to their routines for the academic year.

Pound of Ground

Results from the study detailed how parents manage busy schedules throughout the week, and how that impacts their behaviors toward dinner prep and planning. Overall, the survey illustrated the hurdles many parents face, particularly when trying to establish a routine. 

As one respondent noted, they felt most in control of their home life when they “have a routine and have things run smoothly at least most of the time.”

While Tuesday and Wednesday are when the greatest number of families eat dinner together (50 percent and 51 percent, respectively), it’s also when most families don’t have a plan for dinner (46 percent and 44 percent). As meal planning becomes difficult for the majority of parents throughout the week, many respondents said they turn to different techniques to simplify the process, from implementing a consistent menu (40 percent) to stocking up on common pantry items (39 percent).

“This survey is fascinating, as it illuminates parents’ need for simplified, convenient products that can help solve the ever-present hurdle of getting dinner on the table. More often than not, parents don’t have the time or the right ingredients on-hand for dinner, or they forget to thaw essential components,” said Heidi Meyer, creator of Pound of Ground Crumbles.

The biggest challenges for getting dinner on the table, according to the survey respondents, are missing key ingredients (36 percent) and waiting on frozen meat to thaw (33 percent). Markedly, 76 percent of parents surveyed were likely to sometimes forget to take meat out of the freezer in time for dinner, and nearly half did so frequently.

“Leaning on pantry staples can help solve meal challenges and extending the way we think about the pantry to the freezer is a true game-changer,” Meyer said. “That’s what makes Pound of Ground Crumbles so unique – it’s a freezer staple that pours right into the pan from frozen. No defrosting, no thawing and no planning necessary.”

Pound of Ground Crumbles is in the middle of a “Return-to-Routine” campaign, supporting retailers both in-store and digitally to generate sales and awareness of the product. In the last 16 months, Pound of Ground Crumbles has gone from an initial test launch in 250 stores to distribution in 5,000 stores nationwide. Found in the frozen section of retail grocers, Pound of Ground Crumbles come in three varieties – Original 80/20, Hearty-Sized Pieces 80/20 and Original with Onion.

For more information, visit poundofground.com.

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