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Safeguard Donates 118M Handwashes To City Harvest, Soapy


Cincinnati, Ohio-based Safeguard has donated 118 million hand washes to City Harvest and other organizations to provide basic hand hygiene to more people.

A recent study shows that 13.5 million U.S. households were food insecure at some time during 2021, and according to the United Nations, three billion people lack access to basic hand hygiene facilities. By donating hand washing products to City Harvest and other organizations, Safeguard hopes to extend its reach and bring hand hygiene to more individuals in need.


Safeguard is also teaming up with Soapy to make hand washing – and information on how to wash effectively – more accessible in schools, health care facilities, hospitality services, restaurants and other industries.

Though regular handwashing is well-established as the best line of defense to remove germs, avoid sickness and prevent the spread of germs to others, simple access to soap and water is not available in many settings. Available in six scents, Safeguard washes 99.9 percent of bacteria.

Soapy’s Clean Machine personal handwashing station offers a solution with the latest technology and Safeguard soap to provide germ protection rooted in science. This handwashing technology ensures precise timing and temperature and is also eco-friendly, using 95 percent less water, 80 percent less energy and prevents 90 percent soap waste.

With on-demand water temperatures, AI-powered games and data to improve handwashing efficacy and features to minimize energy and water usage, Soapy keeps hand washing environmentally-friendly and effective with the Safeguard soap.

“Safeguard has been leading the way to drive hand hygiene across America for nearly 60 years,” said Freddy Bharucha, SVP of North America and global personal care, Procter & Gamble.

“Our latest work with City Harvest and Soapy shows how we can put proper handwashing within the reach of more Americans – whether by donating products to folks in need or creating solutions to bring superior handwashing outside of the home and into hospitals, schools and more.”

“City Harvest has been helping feed New Yorkers in need for the past 40 years,” said Rebecca Fontes, director of business partnerships. “This generous donation will help us continue to support New York families with the essentials they need to thrive.”

“Diseases linked to inadequate hygiene could be reduced by 50 percent with simple hand hygiene access and consistent usage,” said Max Simonovsky, founder and CEO, Soapy. “We are incredibly excited about this collaboration with Safeguard and are thrilled to offer technology that brings handwashing out of the bathroom and into the future.”

For more information, visit safeguardna.com.

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