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Super Starr International Transitions To Winter Honeydew Melons


Super Starr International, a Mexico-based papaya and melon grower, shipper and processor, has begun the transition to Winter Honeydew Melon season with availability beginning early January. The company encourages retailers to place orders now to secure product for distribution as this is a limited time crop.

“Our winter melon crop is right on schedule and looks great,” said Lance Peterson, third-generation farmer and president of Super Starr International. “Weather has been ideal and expect the harvest to begin later this month with product available through early April.”

Shoppers have enjoyed Super Starr Winter Honeydew Melons for more than 60 years, and demand continues to grow stronger during the cooler weather months. This season, the company is expecting melon sizing to be mostly 5’s and 6’s, with a few 8’s.

For three generations, Super Starr has farmed in the U.S. and Mexico to produce year-round papayas and winter honeydew melons by growing, packing and shipping. With this total control, Super Starr ensures high quality fruit is placed on store shelves.

For more information on Super Starr International, visit superstarrinternational.com.

Super Starr International has grown sustainably grown papayas and melons since 1959 with farming operations located in Colima, Mexico. As the grower, shipper and processor, Super Starr provides customers with quality control and offers the only fair-trade certified papaya on the market.

In addition to its Royal Star papaya variety and the Super Starr papaya, the brand offers a winter and early spring Super Starr melon program along with an ability to source a variety of Tropicals and Latin specialty mix.

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