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Numina Launches Pakt To Democratize Warehouse Automation


The Numina Group, a Chicago-based designer and integrator of warehouse automation solutions, has announced the launch of Pakt, a pack and ship automation solution, built for fulfillment operations. 

Pakt breaks down the financial and operational barriers that have previously existed with end of line automation, reducing pack and ship labor by 70 percent and increasing throughput capacity by more than 500 percent. In addition, Pakt connects with a robotic fulfillment technology, unlocking full throughput capacity potential in the modern warehouse environment.

“The best measure of success for a fulfillment operation – particularly in a post-pandemic world – is getting goods quickly, accurately and efficiently picked, packed and shipped in time to meet customer delivery expectations,” said Cody Upp, VP, Numina Group. 

“The launch of Pakt is based on over 30 years of Numina Group’s warehouse automation expertise in supplying systems that enable businesses to lower labor costs and increase order throughput.”

Pakt is designed for distribution centers that have eight employees or more in its packing and shipping departments. The system allows it to scale from 800 to 20,000 cartons and full case parcels a day. High-touch labor processes increase labor costs, the potential for mistakes and limit a businesses’ ability to meet daily peak and seasonal demand.

Pakt eliminates the bottlenecks and labor that exist after picking, ensuring operations can fulfill orders faster and meet customer delivery expectations.

“The name of the game is preventing errors from leaving your DC,” Upp said. “Our goal is to remove all complexity in designing, implementing and running the automation for the last 100 feet of fulfillment and distribution centers.”

Numina Group has designed and implemented hundreds of warehouse automation projects in warehouse environments throughout North America. Numina reviews, compares and selects a blend of picking, packing and shipping technologies to create an optimized warehouse automation solution for a company’s order fulfillment operation.


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