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Circle The Wagon Names McKelvey As National Director Of Sales

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Dave McKelvey

Houma, Louisiana-based Circle the Wagon Group Purchasing Organization has named Dave McKelvey as its national director of sales.

McKelvey brings experience and knowledge from more than 40 years in the grocery industry to the Circle the Wagons team.

He started his grocery career early, growing up in a grocery family. He started his first paying job as a bagger at 16, working his way into store management after college.

McKelvey has worked in various sectors of the market with a focus on group purchasing and the betterment of bottom lines. He has experience in buying, managing vendor funds, ad groups, business development, private label sales and merchandising.

He is a motivated individual who is passionate about helping the grocery industry and the potential of Circle the Wagon to improve the operations of the industry. He is excited to join the company and contribute to its mission of sourcing deals on traditional GPO offerings and innovative opportunities, new technologies and emerging trends for its members.

The company shared in a release that “we are confident Dave will be a great asset to our team and we look forward to working with him.”

Circle the Wagon was founded in 2018 to protect the profitability and viability of independent retailers by providing lower costs and expenses for Not For Sale services and commodities. Its expert team has decades of experience in the grocery industry, specifically in cost reduction, purchase evaluation and loss prevention areas.

For more information about Circle the Wagon, visit ctwgpo.com.

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