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ProducePay Launches Storefront To Market To Global Buyers


Los Angeles-based ProducePay has launched its virtual Storefront – a new feature offering growers a personalized platform to market their brand, available commodities and initiate transactions with trusted and verified buyers.

Storefront empowers growers with an online destination to attract new trading partners and interact with potential buyers in real-time. Growers can use the personalized Storefront to market details about its field operations, farming practices, trading history and sustainability commitments.

While ProducePay’s marketplace concierge service helps sellers develop their custom Storefront sites, growers who become verified members will unlock additional Storefront benefits. Members undergo an extensive vetting and verification process that includes site visits to corroborate production history, certifications, ESG practices and the quality of their produce.

In addition to receiving verification badges to display on their branded Storefront sites, members experience visibility on the marketplace and enjoy a 97 percent acceptance/fill rate. When purchasing from growers, buyers can be sure that sellers will fulfill online orders on-time and on-spec.

“Our Storefront feature is truly born out of our mission to increase connection and sustainability in the produce industry,” said Patrick McCullough, CEO.

“The introduction of this new feature allows growers to market directly to buyers and share real-time information in a transparent way. This level of openness breaks down previous barriers, building a foundation of trust required to create resilient and more efficient supply chains.”

The convenience of ProducePay’s Storefront will enhance the online trading experience for produce buyers globally as well. Through this new feature, buyers have the ability to browse a grower’s specs for designated commodities, acceptance rate of deliveries, punctuality of shipments and the number of shipments the grower has made. Buyers will also have the ability to message, send questions or submit trade offers to a grower from the Storefront page.

Allowing growers to disclose comprehensive data on their business will not only give buyers in ProducePay’s marketplace the assurance of the high quality of their purchases but also the flexibility to source commodities more strategically. Using ProducePay’s Storefront, buyers will be able to select trading partners for spot transactions or reach out to growers during off-season to strategically plan future transactions.

Additionally, Storefront integrates ProducePay’s services and financing solutions, including Pre-Season and QuickPay, within its interface so that growers can access these services with greater convenience in the platform.

To learn more about ProducePay, visit producepay.com.

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