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North Coast Seafood Launches Kelp Meatballs, Burgers

North Coast Seafood

Boston, Massachusetts-based North Coast Seafoods is launching new product innovations, such as meatballs and burgers, using ocean-grown kelp from the Gulf of Maine.

Items made with kelp are naturally vegan and gluten free with a clean label list of ingredients composed of kelp, green chickpeas, brown rice, and spices. Kelp meatballs and burgers are made using sustainably-grown kelp, farmed by independent family farmers in the waters of Maine.

North Coast Seafoods

Kelp is also a regenerative, zero-input vegetable that requires no fertilizer, pesticides, feeds, soil or freshwater to grow. It is packed with micronutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals such as iodine, magnesium, folate, potassium, vitamin A and vitamin B12.

“By incorporating kelp into our products and educating consumers on its many health, economic and environmental benefits, North Coast is helping to actively reduce our carbon footprint while providing delicious, nutritious and convenient food solutions for generations to come,” said Rich Polins, principal at North Coast Seafood.

In addition, kelp farms fight climate change by locally mitigating the effects of ocean acidification. North Coast Seafoods has partnered with Atlantic Sea Farms to procure their kelp and support ASF in surpassing its milestone of more than 150,000 pounds of carbon removed from Maine’s waters to-date.

“At North Coast, we are not only focused on seafood sustainability, but leaving this planet a better place than how we found it. Using kelp not only gets us closer to that goal everyday, but has allowed us to create unique and innovative products, like the kelp meatballs and burgers, that give back in a big way,” said Andrew Wilkinson, North Coast’s chef director of research and development.

Kelp Meatballs and Burgers are available for wholesale orders. For more information on North Coast Seafoods, visit northcoastseafoods.com.

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