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AppCard In-Lane Terminal Combats Digital Coupon Discrimination

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Digital coupon discrimination disproportionately affects low-income and elderly populations

The rise of digital coupons has brought great convenience to shoppers, but it has also brought an unintended consequence: digital coupon discrimination. This type of discrimination occurs when some shoppers are unable to take advantage of digital coupons because they do not have access to the necessary technology. However, the AppCard platform uses an in-lane terminal to make digital coupons accessible to everyone, regardless of their access to technology.

Digital coupon discrimination disproportionately affects low-income shoppers. According to a Pew Research Center report from 2021, 23 percent of Americans with an annual income of less than $30,000 do not own a smartphone. This means that these shoppers may not be able to access digital coupons, which are often only available through mobile apps or email. As a result, they may miss out on discounts and deals that could save them money on essential items like food and household supplies.

Furthermore, the digital divide is not just limited to low-income individuals. Elderly people, those with disabilities and those living in rural areas may also face barriers to accessing digital coupons. These individuals may not have the necessary equipment, internet access or digital literacy skills to use digital coupons effectively, barring them from saving money even at the stores they frequent.

AppCard uses in-lane terminal to make coupons accessible to everyone

AppCard’s in-lane terminal is designed to address this issue by bringing digital coupons to the physical store environment. The terminal is a small device that is placed at the checkout counter of participating stores. AppCard is integrated with the store’s point-of-sale system, empowering shoppers to clip and redeem digital coupons at the time of purchase without having to clip the coupons ahead of time at home or on their mobile devices.

Using the in-lane terminal is easy, fast and fun. Shoppers simply need to key-in their phone number – a mobile or a landline. The terminal then automatically applies any eligible discounts to the customer’s purchase. Only requiring a phone number means that shoppers who do not have a cell phone but only have a landline are still able to earn points and redeem coupons.

AppCard’s in-lane terminal not only makes digital coupons more accessible but also more efficient. It reduces the need for cashiers to manually enter coupon codes or scan paper coupons, which can be time-consuming and prone to human error. By automating the coupon redemption process, the terminal helps to streamline the checkout experience, cuts down on wait times for shoppers and reduces the likelihood of fraud.

Terminal also leads to increased shopper loyalty and repeat business

Another benefit of AppCard’s in-lane terminal is that it allows grocers to personalize their coupon offerings. AppCard’s AI and machine learning automatically ranks coupons for each shopper based on their likelihood to show interest and/or buy the items. This helps increase customer loyalty and drive repeat business.

Though digital coupon discrimination is a significant issue that affects all grocers and many individuals who do not have access to the necessary technology to clip and redeem digital coupons, AppCard’s in-lane terminal is a solution that makes digital coupons more accessible and efficient for everyone. By bringing digital coupons to the physical store environment, the terminal helps to level the playing field and ensure that all shoppers can take advantage of discounts and deals.

To learn more about AppCard, visit appcard.com.

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