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New Shelby Awards Program Showcases Emerging Leaders

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Last updated on June 29th, 2023 at 02:24 pm

Shelby Publishing will be honoring the next generation of leaders in the food industry through its new Emerging Leaders awards program. This includes retailers, wholesalers, distributors, suppliers/vendors and solutions providers.

“There are few things more imperative in the food retailing industry than securing the leadership that will visualize and execute what’s necessary for our sustainability and growth,” said Stephanie Reid, president of Shelby Publishing. 

“The Emerging Leaders platform is Shelby’s contribution to all of the initiatives in place to attract and retain talented individuals to accomplish those goals. We are excited to showcase the leaders of today, knowing they will inspire those of tomorrow.”

Many members of the food industry are focused on growing and retaining emerging leaders.

“The future of independent grocery rests on the shoulders of the next generation of leaders, and it’s our industry’s responsibility to nurture their talents and prepare them for success. Mentoring by current leaders is essential to helping them along their career paths,” said Greg Ferrara, president and CEO of the National Grocers Association. 

“Programs to recognize and cultivate a new generation of industry leaders, such as Shelby’s Emerging Leaders and the NGA Foundation’s Executive Leadership Development Program and the WGA Emerging Female Leaders share group, can be part of an industry-wide network of career development initiatives for grocery professionals.”

FMI offers a Future Leaders eXperience, which is a three-month online program where enrollees participate in group discussions and team activities as well as complete individual assignments on key industry topics. Graduates receive the program’s Food Retail Leader Certificate.

David Fikes, executive director of the FMI Foundation, said the program provides FMI members with “a way of holding up those leaders they want to retain and those that they want to train.”

It’s a way for members to show these employees that they want them to stay, and they are going to invest in their future, he said.

In an effort to attract future leaders to the food industry, FMI has entered into an agreement with Junior Achievement to reach students in junior highs and high schools to help them with career decisions and to look at future places of employment. 

Fikes said this is another way FMI is working to reach audiences of young people “to help them change their perception of what a career in the food industry might look like.”

Shelby Publishing will recognize all emerging leaders from all sectors of the retail food industry. Entries must detail the nominee’s exemplary commitment to the following:

  • Their career in retail grocery and dedication to solving problems and implementing solutions that maximize their customers’ shopping experience.
  • Demonstrated leadership qualities that truly motivate others to do their very best in their daily tasks.
  • Community service work that produces results in the neighborhoods they serve.

The nomination deadline is July 14.

The Emerging Leaders awards special section will be featured in Shelby Publishing’s August issues.

The nomination form can be found at theshelbyreport.com/emerging-leaders-nomination.

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